Monday, June 06, 2011

Why does she keep showing us that same picture?

Over and over again?  I know you're wondering that.  Is it because I'm averaging a whopping total of about 10 stitches every week?  I'll tell you, if not for stitching get-togethers, I wonder if I'd have even gotten this far. 

It's not really a loss of enthusiasm.  It's more about being pulled in some different directions and then being too tired when I finally sit down to stitch.

It might also be because I became so dern literary recently.

I've finished three books in the past two weeks.  One was for book club, called The Raising.  A bit too "twilightish" for my tastes.  Also read Ann Patchett's Bel Canto, and it was a wonderful book.  Sometimes I get near the end of a book and then I start to skim.  I want to know how it ends, but it's more about just finishing it than reading to the end.  With Bel Canto, when I came near the end, I only wanted to read on if I knew I could be totally alert and uninterrupted for it.  So yes - it was that good.

And the third book was Tina Fey's Bossypants - a quick and easy book, but completely enjoyable. You probably have to be a Tina Fey fan to like the book as much as I did, though. 

Otherwise, it's been kind of a normal week here at our lake house.  My neighbors are enjoyable, as always.  I have Mr. Rock Thief to my left.  He has an amazing labyrinth of rocks stacked in his yard and he has stolen each and every one of them from the lake dam.  (One of these days I'll take pictures for you.  It could be the next wonder of the world).  And to my right, let me introduce Mr. and Mrs. Crazy Pants With Their Chorus of Barking Dogs and Screaming Children.  So here I sit, right in the middle. And now that the weather is nice, just hanging out on my porch can be a real adventure. 

Maybe the porch adventures will be really funny this year and I can write about those and then you won't notice that I'm hardly stitching.  Otherwise, I'm going to need to pick up my needle more than once or twice a week if I want to keep you coming back here!


  1. Oh yes, that would be fun, but probably not so fun for you, Lee, living right on top of it all! Do like Simple Gifts so sending good thoughts that you finish it!

  2. I love Simple Gifts - I stitched that up last year, have the frame, but haven't put it all together!! Sounds like you'll have an interesting season ahead with your neighbors!!

  3. I shouldn't have laughed, but I did. The description of your neighbors made me laugh but not the situation. So sorry you must deal with that while trying to sit and read or stitch on your porch.
    Simple Gifts is looking so good!

  4. I love Simple Gifts, it's coming along gorgeous, and the pace at which you are stitching is not important to your friends :) You are doing great...especially with the reading as well, it takes me a year to read one book, so high five to that, Lee. :)

    Your neighbor description is just too funny, and I can only imagine! Your lake home sounds like heaven, with or without the sounds of wild natives, or also known as the loud howls of children. :)

    I will be back for updates and more as I love your blog, no matter what your fingers have accomplished.

    Ma TK

  5. I'm not sure, but I think maybe the description of "MR/MRS Crazy Pants With Their Chorus of Barking Dogs and Screaming Children" might have applied to my family a couple of times when they were all still living at home! hahaha Sounds like you're in for a fun summer.

  6. Well here's a secret for you; if you hardly ever stitched at all I would still visit your blog because it is so entertaining. You are always getting up to something! I especially liked your prom dress review extravaganza.
    Simple Gifts is coming along and that is what counts most. Now I will be singing that hymn all day... good thing it's one I like.

  7. I think summertime is always a hard time of year to find the time to stitch. Too much to do, kids at home, etc. Not to worry. Love your stitching anyway! I loved Bel Canto -- yes, I still remember it as a fantastic book and it's been years since I read it!

  8. I'm with you, Lee - my stitching is so little right now. Hope it all gets smoother and that you're able to enjoy living between the crazies!

  9. You've probably stitched more then me lately. Like you said, too many other things happening.

    Come join me on top of the hill where no neighbors reside. My kids hate it, but it's heaven.


  10. it's lovely, you have done plenty :-)

  11. Your WIP is beautiful. Reading is always a good thing.

  12. You always see the humor! I loved your prom dress commentary so I can only imagine what's in store for us with your neighbors.

  13. The point is to enjoy what you are doing -Have fun !!!!

  14. Ha! I WAS that neighbor once - or, at least I had the screaming kids part. My oldest son HATED and was terrified of haircuts - could NOT bring him to the barber shop. So, I put him in the highchair in the backyard and proceeded to cut. Well, you'd have thought that I was killing the dear thing. And one neighbor did come out on her deck to check out what was happening - still a good neighborhood tale.

    Enjoy your summer!

    Mary in MN

  15. thanks for the heads up about Bel Canto - i have been looking for a book for book club and this was on the list, so looks like i will go with it.

    looking forward to hearing your summer stories of life on the porch - it sounds like an interesting place to be lol!

  16. You don't have to take a stitch to keep people from coming back - your blog is so much fun! The stitching is icing on the cake.

    I know exactly what you mean about Bel Canto - I didn't want it to end either. What a great book!

  17. I think it looks beautiful. Love the colors.