Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comments on Comments

Obviously I'm not alone when it comes to buying bathing suits.  And since you all can't be lucky enough to find a bathing suit laying around in a rental condominium, I thought I'd share my info about this 2011 purchase.  You know...the one that came in its original wrapper.

Actually, Deb and Dianne were right, this is a Lands End suit.  I knew that if I waited to go shopping for a suit in a real store, I'd never do it.  And I used to buy Lands End clothes from Sears and liked their style and fit, so I went to their online site for my swimsuit. 

I liked that I could buy tops and bottoms as separates.  I know I can do that in department stores.  Theoretically.  It's never actually worked for me. I can never find the proper sizes in both pieces.  So...I pulled the measuring tape out of my stitching box and used the Lands End sizing chart and wow, were my top and bottom ever different!  I measured as a 4 top and a 12 bottom.  (What the heck - I've already told you my most embarrassing swimsuit story, so I might as well tell you everything.  Yes, I am pear shaped.  No shoulders or boobs, with an oversized butt.)  I was worried about that size 4 top, though, so opened their swimsuit chat and talked with my swimwear "expert", Jason.  Mr. Jason told me to order a 6.  So that's what I did.

Also, their website has customer feedback about each suit.  Each suit is rated and discussed and customers can tell you if they think it runs big, small or true to size.  I thought that was really helpful, especially since I was still skeptical about the top size.  It steered me away from some bottoms that I was kind of liking but unsure about. 

Oh - and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.  Both pieces with shipping and tax?  About $50.  Which was the bottom range of what I had expected to spend so that was pleasing, too!  So now I'm going to make my friend Ginny go shopping with me so that I can buy a pair of these.  Glittery Cowgirl flip flops.


  1. Thanks Lee! I need to get a swimsuit too. Going to check out Land's End.

  2. Ya know, you're killing us here. You're setting the bar at such a level to make the rest of us look like cowards because there isn't enough ice in h*ll to make us reveal size details. But, whatever, you go girl. Set yourself apart from the rest of us boring bloggers. We'll wave. And visit. And, even stitch with you.

    (You do get my humor, right??)

    Love, Pam

  3. Those flip flops are very pretty.

  4. I don't know how I feel about my mother buying "Sparkly Cowgirl Flipflops."

  5. I {{heart}} Lands End! Superior quality and customer service! And I love that they have such a variety of swimsuits for every figure (and different cuts in the legs).

    I have a Sears nearby but they no longer carry Lands End. I usually order several sizes of what I'm looking at, try it on at home, and then return what doesn't fit to Sears. And because what I order usually costs more than say $50, my shipping is free! Whatever I return is credited back to my CC.

    Love the swimsuit and flipflops!

  6. Love those flip flops! My mother swears by Lands End swimsuits. I haven't worn a suit in a few years, being that I'm afraid of death by harpoon. Your new suit is really nice.