Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finishing Sunday

Well gang, I didn't have a porch day this weekend.  I tried to have a porch night on Friday, but the heat was unbearable, even in the shade.  It's been so hot that I've been putzing around and sitting on my butt doing nothing but staring an awful lot and when Sunday rolled around, I still wasn't in the mood to sit and stitch.  So I spent Sunday doing a little finishing and then a LOT of cleaning.  My sewing area is usually a mess to begin with, but then when I start to pull out fabrics and trims and whatnot, I can make it look like a tornado blew through. Let's just say it was a tornado of creativity...

So this La D Da piece had been sitting in my to-do pile for a little while.  It's going to be a gift for someone in my family, but I don't know who that will be yet.  There are two relatives who would like this...

It's difficult to see the trim in this photo, but it's cute and glittery.

The fabric also has a touch of glitter

A BBD design, stitched with HDF's Mountain Meadow and finished as a very simple little pillow. 
Some cool trim sent to me a long time ago from a friend in Germany.  Finally found the perfect use for it!  Backing is just light blue silk.  Man, that was a bugger to work with.  So wispy! And I'm still experimenting with ways to eliminate some of the puckers.  Silk wasn't a good choice for Sunday's experiment.

I've been playing with one of the new PS freebies and should be finishing that tonight, then I think I'll devote time to my Eileen Bennett sampler and to The Sampler that Never Ends for the rest of the week.  The month of August looks ridiculously busy for us, so I'm going to take this time to stitch and believe me, I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!


  1. Lovely finishing! I hope you all have ac. Ours broke over the weekend -- just got fixed today and I'm sitting in over-air conditioned air right now. Had to get it out of my system. lol! I was so hot!!

  2. Very nice for the silk....try to iron on...carefully...light weight fusible backing to give it some body.

  3. Beautiful finishing! Great job.

  4. This heat has just about drained all my energy, Lee--but, wasn't this morning great without the humidity? It's so nice to see your Rise & Shine piece finished--you were working on that when we were in Erie! (Not that I don't have an entire drawer full of unfinished finishes much older than that!!) I'm sure the recipient will love it...

    Wow--I've never tried sewing silk, but there must be some trick to it. Your little pillow is very pretty and I'm glad you found a use for that trim from Germany...

    Try to stay cool--doesn't look good for the next few days, does it?

  5. Love all your finishes Lee! They are all gorgeous! Both stitching and finishing jobs!!

  6. Love both your finishes. They are gorgeous.

  7. Really beautiful finishing, Lee! Lovely work!

  8. Great finishes! Such perfection, especially on the La D Da piece. I have seen that trim before, so I know exactly what it looks like. Oh, and that backing fabric. Love, love, LOVE it! If you ever seen a fat quarter of that again, please pick one up for me!

  9. Love this quote and the side trim is so precious and sweet.