Monday, July 18, 2011

Porch Days

It was so nice to have a porch day yesterday.  It was one of those picture perfect days outside and it was made even better when my crazy neighbors actually went away for the whole day.  It was a day of sun and shade and breezes and hearing nothing but birds singing and sweet wind chimes.  The gods of summer were smiling on me.

Oh, but wait!  Look what joined me on the porch!

Could it be my old friend, the Sampler That Never Ends?

Yup, it decided it needed some air this weekend, too.  It also was trying to remind me that I've been seriously slacking in my goal to finish it within the year.  So I devoted myself to finishing one border.  The last red border was an easy one - it got into a rhythm right away and poof - done. 

And actually, I don't stitch in the sun these days.  I'm a shade girl now.  So here's where I spent my quality time with the STNE.

But let me back up a little.  We had a wonderful stitch night this past Friday.  I hadn't been with the Friday night girls in a month and boy oh boy, had I missed them.  We had a nice sized group, including a new face or two.  And a Panera customer who was also a stitcher walked by the meeting room door and saw what was going on and was sucked into the room right away!  The reaction of her husband and daughter was priceless.

Daughter:  "Look, Mom found a group of cross stitchers!"
Husband:  "Sigh"

Ok, I guess you had to be there.

So our little group is growing and it's very heartening.  And it can't be just the free frozen lemonades...We're having a lot of laughs.  Even stitching a little.  I took along BBD's Rose Garden and I'm OH SO CLOSE to finishing.  Maybe if I'd stop talking and eating so much...

 And I even got bold and added a date - which is surely going to doom the project.  What do you want to bet that I misplace it, only to find it after December 31?

Oh, I should back up even further and tell you that we went to Ocean City last week!  Of course, I stuffed my face with crab cakes every day.  But I also made my pilgrimage to Salty Yarns and as usual, Sally's place did not disappoint me.  So much stuff and in such an unlikely place!  On a boardwalk?  Near a big french fry store?  I know...go figure.  But her shop is a delight.  I was with my pesky family, so I didn't have time to scour each and every rack - kind of had to rely on whatever jumped out and caught my eye.  But I bought a couple things, including a Pine Mountain kit and a patriotic styled Quaker.

What is it about being in a great shop that alters my perception of time?  I swear, I was only in there maybe 30 minutes, but Dave insisted it had been over an hour.  I think we stitchers need to develop our own time format.  So when we tell our families that we'll be in a shop for a few minutes, they should automatically know to multiply that by at least 7.    Like when we talk about dog years.  It'd be only natural.

Busy week ahead - hopefully the days will go fast so that the nights can be for stitching.  But right now I'm going to go find Rose Garden and pin it to my shirt so I don't lose it.

Till next time!


  1. Love both of your pieces. I enjoy stitching outside too. Your yard looks like a great place to spend some quality stitching time.

  2. I love both your projects -- and also your stitching place in the shade. What fun that a new member got sucked into your stitching group! lol about the reaction of the husband and daughter. I can just imagine it!

  3. Does that work? pinning it on your shirt front? I'd look like the thing from the deep if I pinned all my UFO/WIP on me :) Or maybe a Yeti that ate from the tree of knowledge and figured out I was nude.... :)
    anyhoo....your STNE is gorgeous! Its going to be a real beauty!
    and your back porch and yard look like a heavenly accompaniment to your stitching! The stitch I'd love to have one of those to attend :)

  4. You are this close to finishing RG! And you know if you did one border a week on the STNE - you'd have it done in know time - sorry the thing with pinning WIP's to your shirt might draw unwanted attention to yourself.

    Love the comments from the woman's family - he was toast and knew it! lol

  5. I have to laugh at us stitchers making our own time format. It does seem like we're in the stores for such a short period of time, but in reality - it ends up being hours. My family tries to divert my attention if I see one while we're on vacation. Doesn't work though as I have eyes on all sides! LOL

    Love your two pieces and you look like you have the most place for stitching.

  6. Great stitching and Great porch! I could sit all day there and stitch. It's lovely.

    Lucky you for going to Salty Yarns. It sounds like a fun shop and location.

  7. I will be nagging, oops, reminding you about that gorgeous Rose one frequently - don't you dare misplace it, lol! Salty Yarns sounds lovely. I was in Panera today (back in the US) but sadly no stitching group next door even though it was the Burgh, deep sigh.....

  8. Beautiful! You won't lose it... you're too close to being finished. It should always be right next to your stitching chair.

    What patriotic style Quaker??


  9. Great stitches! Sat on my porch Saturday morning and stitched!! It will be too hot this week for that!

  10. What a beautiful spot to stitch and your sampler is absolutely gorgeous!

    This is coming from someone who knows the happiness of crazy neighbors being gone for a day, lol.

  11. Your sampler is really coming along, Lee--I'll bet you'll finish it before Erie... I can hardly stand to even take a walk in the sun anymore--I am a shade girl, too :)

  12. The sampler that never ends actually looks like it just might end! It is lovely.

  13. Rose Garden is so lovely. I just love that silk color. You said it was BeWined, right? I might have to pick that one up. ;)