Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Close and Dear

Obviously I don't have one single new stitch of needlework to show you. 

Don't get me wrong - I have a list of projects as long as your arm and they're all staring at me every day as I sit by this computer and do my work.  I just can't get to them.  They're so near, yet so far.

Anyway - we went to the Pirate baseball game last night.  Ordinarily I love going to PNC Park.  It's an awesome ballpark and win or lose, it's usually a fun night.  But last night all I wanted to do was get out of there.  It was nice at first.  Then as the night wore on, it got so doggone hot and the breeze we had felt earlier in the night disappeared.  It felt like all of us in the crowd were just breathing the same air over and over again and I was reminded of my grandmother, who used to say, "Oh my, it's so close in here."

Like people were too close to you.  Like the air in the room was too close to your body.  People just don't use "close" in that way any more.

She also used to call things "dear".  As in expensive.  "Oh no, I can't buy that brand of coffee.  It's too dear."  She would have passed out to see the price of a large Pepsi - $5.75.  Beer?  $8.00.  That's some dear beer. 

So between the dearness and the closeness, we were out of there at the top of the seventh inning.  It also didn't help that the Buccos were losing 10-2...


  1. was your Granny Scottish? - because we always say close and dear, in exactly the way she meant them, a lot here lol!

  2. Among the many other reasons I love to read your stories, is that they often remind me of my years in PA. Grew up in Bradford and attended Edinboro U.

  3. Yep, like Maureen says, we use close and dear in exactly the same way here in England too.

  4. They both must be British, having read two of the comments - I was going to say exactly the same. It's been "close" with us all week in Scotland.

  5. I'm still up in NY, Lee, and boy is it "close" here, too. So sorry to hear that the Buccos lost, but they sure have made a great comeback this year.

    Just got back from lunch at Wegman's with Miss Pam--such a nice afternoon :) Hope to see you soon...

  6. Love those old expressions! It has been very close here in VA too these last days!

  7. Definitely. The dude says dear for "expensive." So does his mum--she says it A LOT.

    I say close that way, but I'm a word freak. Or else the British has rubbed off. I think the former because I can't remember the dude saying "close" to mean stuffy.

    Also, when we went to see Real Madrid? July 23 when Philly had the highest low temperature (ever)--83 degrees. It had been 104 that day. The whole time I was sitting there (in my easy breezy dress) I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. It was disgusting.

  8. I quick "here here" from another country in the Commonwealth - Canada. Dear and close - just a lovely way of speaking....

  9. I think we've all been too close for a long while now. I'm heading to New England soon hoping for a bit of relief!

    PS Loved Tuesday's post about your daughter. Definitely been there.

  10. Dear and husband's Scottish granny said these all the time. My favorite saying of her's was '...the year dot' as in, "Oh my, did you see Mrs. Smith's hat? She has owned that hat since the year dot!' Meow.

    Hope we all get some coolness soon.