Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life is changing...Again!

The swinging door in my house is swinging the other way this month, as both kids have started their treks back to college.  Well, one to college, the other to graduate school at UGA.  And we parents adjust, readjust and adjust again, don't we?

So we helped our son move to Athens, Georgia last weekend.  And when I say I helped, I really mean that I sat in the car and cried a lot of the time.  Oh yeah, I was a big help. "Here...let me help you make up your bed, and soak your pillow with my tears.  But by all means, don't feel guilty about moving away."

OK, I'M KIDDING.  Mostly.  I actually was very weepy.  It felt like such a big move - so far away, and let's face it, when someone spent his entire summer sitting on my couch, doing little else but providing fodder for my blog, he kind of became an household fixture, you know?  Except that John was an endeared and fun fixture.  He's talkative, smart, funny and he's grown into a very pleasant young man.  And did I mention that he can fix things?  Dave and I are hopelessly un-mechanical, so we're not quite sure which gene pool that came from.

Anyway, I'd be foolish to expect him not to go where he has the best opportunities to complete his education and to make his way in the world of work.   (Right?  Tell me I'm right.)  I've always thought that this area and its rural setting made it a nice place to raise children.  And I don't doubt that our schools and teachers and neighbors gave them a great start in life.  It's just a shame that the thing that led us to raise a family here - the rural nature of our county - is the very thing that makes it so difficult for them to remain here.

My daughter moves back to school barely a week from now, too.  This is a move that we're accustomed to though.  And that's not to say that we won't miss her...just that it seems much more normal.  But soon she'll be gone and each time my bare foot lands on some spilled cereal and crushes it into the floor, I'll think of her fondly.  

But what you're really here for is the stitching, right?  And very soon I'll have my stitching chair back in my sole possession again, and I hope to make great progress on every single WIP and UFO in my basket.  (Overly optimistic much?)  Because the only one I'll have to move out of my chair will be Dave and I'm bigger than him, so.....

My framing isn't back yet, but maybe after the weekend?  Meantime, I've stitched a bit on my Eileen Bennett sampler.  So far I've had long-arm crosses, montenegrin stitches and I don't remember what stitches I used in the crown. 

And look what else tried to sneak its way into the photo.  This PS mini card design.  I tried an egg-shaped finish for this PS mini, but did it as a stuffed ornament, rather than using a rigid mat board that was egg shaped.'s not so great.  All I can say is, pity the poor chicken that tried to push out an egg with this odd of a shape.

Chicken:  "Ouch!  What the....?  Why is it so sharp and pointy in places?  That's just not natural.  And what are those strings hanging off of it?  Nurse!  Drugs!  I need drugs!"


  1. I can't blame you for your tears moving your son to Atlanta. My son is leaving for college in less than two weeks and I'm already getting teary eyed for absolutely no reason (well him leaving is the reason but I didn't know it would hit me so hard). I hate to imagine the day I actually move him in!

    Love your Eileen Bennett piece. The colors are so pretty and I love samplers that incorporate more than just cross stitch.

  2. Love your sense of humor. And I personally think that the egg is adorable!

  3. It's a shame that our kids can't stay in their home towns to work and be near us like was done in the days long past with everyone coming home to mom and dad's for Sunday dinner each week...oh well I'm just grateful mine are all in the same state at least!

  4. Oh Lee, can sympathize, mine are in Wyoming, Pittsburgh and DC and we are in the UK! Love the Eileen Bennett piece.

  5. I can totally relate to your reaction to moving your son to college. I know I'm going to be doing the same thing next year when my DS will be a freshman in college. It's scary to think about. And yes, moving the daughter is normal for us too. lol! I hear you there too!

    I love your Eileen Bennett piece -- it's so pretty!

  6. Your stitching is lovely!! Love the little egg! It came out great!!

  7. When my son went to college, a mere hour away 7 years ago, I didn't make it 2 miles from home before I completely broke down. When he went to graduate school 3 hours away, another breakdown. He has 2 years left to go and when he comes home on those rare weekends, it is another breakdown when he leaves to go back. At least for me, it never gets easier! My heart is with you on this issue for sure.

  8. Awww, I feel your pain. My boy is in Germany and I wasn't allowed to cry! Well, actually, I thought I would make it worse for him as he had to make his way over there solo. I put on a brave face for him.

    Love your stitching, and your egg looks funky! Funky IS good! ;-)

  9. You know I understand and sympathize, Lee. But, they can (and often, do) come home again. My oldest returned to Pittsburgh after 4 years of being in D.C. Will he stay around here forever? Probably not, but we're enjoying having two of the three nearby for as long as they're here...

    Still laughing at your egg/poor chicken comments. I think that would be hard for anyone to make a perfect oval stuffed egg.

    See you tomorrow--can't wait :)

  10. Don't apologize for including personal stories about you, your family and your life. That is that make each and every stitching blog come to life. There is a person behind that stitched piece - that is what I love about all the blogs I follow.
    My kids are still a little young (15 and 12), so I don't have anyone leaving the house yet...although there have been times this summer where I wish they did. But I always get just a little meloncholy this time of the year - when the school year starts up and the boys are in the next year of classes. Time marches on, they continue to mature and thrive and make us proud!
    Take care and thank you for sharing your life!

  11. You create such lovely samplers. I am preparing to work with silk for the first time and I've been reading lots of tips - thanks for the tip on Hand dyed fibers, BTW. Skeins are much more reasonably priced.

    Hope to see you Friday night --Rhodabelle

  12. I can't imagine the day my kids actually move out and away - far too weird. Good luck with the adjustments.

    LOVE your Eileen B. piece and of course I totally cracked up over the idea of the chickens calling out for drugs!

  13. You did the right thing sending him off to the big city. He'll become a well-educated and successful man who will keep his mother in stash in the manner she wants to become accustomed to :)

  14. Now you made me cry and I was so good. My last one is leaving in two weeks and he is my easy son. Fortunately by the time I start to cry after I drop him off, I will be home. He is only 55 minutes up 79. I will have a quiet house w plenty of time to stitch. Hope to see u friday

  15. LOL at the poor chicken. But the egg it laid looks great, a perfect summer egg.
    I love your progress on the Eileen Bennett sampler. My own Older And Better piece has also seen some progress but not very much. I'll show it in my next blog post.

  16. Having your kids move away is such a hard thing. Fortunately, my daughter(19) is able to stay here for university, but she decided to be adventurous during her summer months and went to Calgary for the entire summer. It is the first time she went away for any length of time. And my son(17) works at a summer camp all summer and only comes home for weekends. I miss them both terribly and I know exactly how you feel.

    PS: I think your egg is rather cute! :)

  17. Hi Lee! Rofl about the chicken/drugs!

    I probably told you about leaving our son (only kid) at college---crying all the way home and the whole next day!! Really! Then, of course, after 4 years of college, he came back, just as we were used to him being gone! Just as traumatic. Anyway, in December he will be a paramedic, so Plan B is working out.

  18. Lee, I thank you for your family stories. It is such a comfort to know there are many others facing the same life challenges. It makes it just a little easier to bear knowing that you aren't the only one.
    I love your egg, and the chicken didn't actually have to lay it so...

  19. I am glad that I didn't have a mouthful of drink while reading your post, my computer screen and keyboard would have worn it!!! LOL The egg looks great by the way. Eileen is looking lovely. I am starting to fret for my 16yo son, he is going to Vietnam for four weeks in November.