Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More stitches in Antiqued Sampler

Finished the cute little row of crowns.

Added a bird

And renewed my love of bargello stitch!
Well, I sent my daughter off to her college this past Saturday.  Now the Great Fall Room Cleaning begins. 

You know, I never wanted to be one of those moms who said "no" all the time.  But I always felt like I was.  I'd be out with friends and maybe we'd be shopping and their kids would want this, that or the other thing.  Clothes, souvenirs, toys.  You know the stuff kids want.   And I was all, "No.  No.  Maybe later.  That's too expensive.  Not now.  No."  I spent years feeling like the bad mom.  And now that they are moving out, taking what they want and leaving me to deal with the rest, it's quite clear to me that my children have had way more than they ever needed.  How else can I explain the mountains of stuff I pull from their rooms and donate to St. Vincent DePaul every year?  Stuff that was oh-so important back then, but is only so much clutter now? 

Honestly, where does a parent draw the line?  And I'm not blaming the kids.  There are many things in there that I bought for them and have contributed to the clutter.  I guess it's just to say that if you read my blog and you're a parent to young or young-ish children, you don't have to feel guilty when you say "No" sometimes.  Don't worry.  When they go to college, you'll still have lots and lots of boxes to take to charity.


  1. What a pretty design, I haven't seen it before. I've just bought the new sampler chart by Rosewood Manor that has lots of bargello in it. I know what you mean about clutter, we're all guilty of it - my son's room is a bone of contention in our house. I keep telling him that if he wants to buy something new, he has to part with an existing item to create space!!

  2. Love your stitching such a pretty design.

  3. This post resonated with me. As an almost stepmom to a 12-year-old who wants the latest ipad, ipod, whatever, I can relate. I am the one who is thinking no, no, no all the time, especially when I see stuff not taken care of or never used. An Ipod that was begged for and then I've seen used once. A lacrosse stick that was begged for but I have yet to see used at all. And then now begging for an ipad because I have one. ugghhhhhhh

  4. My DD has been gone almost 2 yrs and my basement is STILL storing her misc clutter. "She doesn't have room for it." Yet, my basement does?

    Love those little crowns.

  5. I bet there is an algebraic equation for how fast stuffed animals multiply when left in a closet or under a bed. Somehow kids just can't get rid of those things....ever. I, on the other hand, have become rather heartless.

    Good luck.


  6. The piece is looking so lovely! And the framed finishes are wonderful!

    I really felt the need when the kids were young to overload them with stuff at Christmas. Not so much on birthdays or otherwise, but at Christmas I would really go overboard! I should have put half of that money away for their college education. I tell young parents now to buy savings bonds or invest and not buy so much junk. They really don't need it! Our attic is loaded with stuff that I just can't bear to get rid of. Hopefully they will take it some day.

  7. I don't think I've seen this piece before either - it's lovely.

    I think kids NEED to hear no. Life it tough and it won't always go their way. Plus, if they really want something there is good value in their finding a way to pay for it themselves.

  8. My daughter actually thanked me a while back for saying "NO" when she was young. Shocking, isn't it? I think she's been coming into contact with grown-ups who haven't heard that word often enough.They are rather annoying.

  9. I have two kids, 11 and 7 - they are so used to the word "no" that on the occasions i do say "yes" they just about fall over.

  10. It is looking great Lee.
    Thanks for your words of wisdom. Everytime I take my kids (daughter in particular) into any shop they ask for a treat, how many treats can a child have. I try really hard only to say yes occasionally as if given too often a treat is no longer a treat!!!!