Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Who is the mature one here?

Me:  Hey, I bought some of that Dannon greek yogurt you like.

Daughter:  Cool, thanks.

And the next day:

Me:  Did you eat that half container of yogurt I put in the freezer?

Daughter:  Yes...were you saving it?

Me - just barely beginning to whine:  Well, yeah.  I wanted it for my breakfast this morning.

Daughter - feeling contrite:  I'm sorry, I didn't know you wanted it.  I'll freeze another one for you.

Me - in a full whine:  But I wanted it nowFor my breakfast.  And it's gone.

Daughter:  I'm sorry. 

Me - launching into full martyrdom mode:  And by the way, quit eating all the half containers of yogurt anyhow.  I'm obviously saving them for later.  And stop dropping cereal on the floor.  And if you drop a berry, pick it up or it gets squished into the floor and stains it. 

Daughter - who has had enough:  I'm SORRY Mom.  Sheesh, what will you do if I ever do anything seriously wrong?

Me:  Silently hanging head in shame.

It's a good thing the college summer break is almost over.  Even I can't stand myself anymore.


  1. hahaha, sounds familiar. The most difficult phase of parenthood for me was when they would come home to MY house on their college vacations and expect to live by THEIR rules!

  2. And then you will miss her.

    Hugs...lots of hugs!

  3. You would miss her so much if she wasn't there. Try not to sweat the small stuff. Hugs...

  4. Doesn't it suck when they find all your hiding spots? Nobody EVER used to look in the freezer for anything.

  5. lol! I love it! Hey, I totally sympathize. You get used to not having these beings in your house, and then they're back again -- and they change the way your kitchen works!! They do! So yeah, I get it. I would be whining too. lol!

  6. Oh man, do I remember those days too! When I would go home from college, on break! It's so hard to go from having total independence to all of a sudden being under your parents rules and having to abide by them! The first coupla weeks would be great cuz we were both excited that I was home, but before long we were at each others throats!

  7. Same conversation goes on in this house too, only summer holiday only just got started, we got it until September!

    Take a deep breath, lol

  8. Lee, you're so funny! Too close, too far - it's always Something! ;-)

  9. And then there's the time they can't make it home at all. Really, two years already!?

    Don't be hard on's just life.

  10. Why is it always Feast or Famine? They are either so gone that you pine for them, or so there that they get on your last nerve. I'm all for moderation!