Monday, September 19, 2011

Fields, forests and flowers

Where have I been lately? Well, it's cross country season...

So I've been cheering in fields.

Cheering in the forest.

And cheering in the flowers.

But mostly I've been driving the little red station wagon around Ohio.  And working.  I'm in the middle of a very busy time for work.  (Pooh...) Sadly, I haven't been stitching.  And that really bums me out because I have so many great autumn designs kitted up and ready to go!  Maybe once things settle down a bit, I'll find some time to sit in my stitching chair.


  1. Great pictures! I can just picture you popping up with your camera in the woods and in the flowers, etc. ;)

    Sorry to hear that you're working so much! I hope things settle down soon so you can get some stitching time in.

  2. Great shots of the kiddies! Hope you can start stitching, too!

  3. I was just thinking this morning that I haven't seen a post from you in awhile and I'm glad to hear that it is just the busyness of life that is keeping you away.

    Good luck to the cross country track team! Great pics! And I hope work slows down sooner than later. We all know how stitchers get without their stitch time! ;)

  4. Oh yeah, it's really crazy out here in Washington too! Last week we had three xc meets - all out of town, and a grand total of 1000 miles on my Expedition!! Added to that, DH and I had an overnight business trip another 200 miles from home. It's no wonder I'm exhausted! Now we're getting a nice break before our next big meet.

  5. You said it. Add swim meets to the fun and there is no time left in the day.

    I also keep thinking 'soon'.


  6. That is so nice of you to travel all that way to cheer for your daughter, Lee. Too bad you can't program the car to just drive itself to Ohio and you could sit and stitch. Oh well, just six more weeks and you'll have some nice extended stitching time--hang in there :)

  7. What great pictures. Looks like some beautiful scenery to run and cheer by!

    If you have not already stopped by my blog, make sure and visit. Got a giveaway going on that ends on the 5th!!!