Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The boyfriend and his bike

Thank you, everybody for the prayers and kindnesses you've offered up for my friends.  I hesitated before I wrote about that...I guess I'm glad that I did. 

You know, all through my high school and college years, I don't remember losing any friends to accidents.  And I went to a big high school (1000 in my graduating class) and then a big university.  But my children have lost three young friends to car or motorcycle accidents, and one young woman has extensive brain damage as a result of a quad accident.  It really puzzles me.  These were normal, average, everyday nice kids.  I know bad things happen...but its frequency among these young people has been frightening.

Switching direction here...

Do you all remember the contest that I asked you all to vote in back in the spring, so that my daughter's boyfriend, Montana, could win a contest to pay his entry fee for a mountain bike race in Asheville, NC?  And then the news that he eventually won the contest?  Yes, the swing votes in that contest between crazy mountain bikers seemed to have come from the most unusual source - Stitching bloggers!  Isn't that kind of neat?

So a week or so ago he went  to the Pisgah Stage Race in Asheville and you may be happy to know that he won his part in the bike race. (I know I'm not saying that correctly, but I'm a stitcher, not a mountain biker after all.)  So we're happy for him and proud of him.

If you take a look at his blog - he's been writing about the race - you'll see a couple videos in which he's being interviewed.  The blog and interview language can get a little salty - just to give you fair warning. 

But here's what I was hearing in my head when I watched the video:

Talk, talk, talk, Sweet this, Sweet that.  Talk, talk more.  Single speed, rocks, gravel.  Talk, talk, talk, turning head slightly.  Then...............

WAIT!  Hold on a minute.  Haircut?  Really??  Talk, talk, talk - I'm not hearing any of this anymore.  Just staring at the screen and willing him to turn his head again.  Talk, talk, blah, blah, talk.  Then:  Yes.  Yes.  Absolutely a hair cut.  Well I'll be darned. 

Talk, talk, talk.  Good job.  Congratulations.  Hair cut.  The end.

And they say I'm not a good listener.


  1. Love your take on the interview. Congrats to Montana.

  2. Good for the BF! And I guess we are glad for the haircut too!

  3. Congrats to Montana for the winnings and the hair cut!!! LOL, loved reading your version of the video!!

  4. Congratulations to Montana!! LOL at the focus on the haircut. My brother took my husband mountain biking -- something I haven't heard of being done here -- shortly after he emigrated to the US. DH still talks about it in the 'I can't believe I did that' sort of way and it makes me glad that I didn't know Tim was taking him down into ravines, etc. before they went! Yikes.

    Have a great weekend!