Monday, October 03, 2011

Good habits and bad habits

Like most people, I have some of both. But what I'd love to know is:  Why are the good habits so hard to keep and the bad habits so hard to give up?

One of my good habits over the past several years has been keeping my blog somewhat current and up to date.  But lately?  Not so much.  And the longer I stay away, that harder it is to write.  So I keep waiting for that epiphany-like moment.  You know, like a spark of brilliance during your real life that practically yells, "Blog about this!"  Well, calling it brilliance may be taking it a bit too far, but you get my point.

So it looks like you're going to be forced to read about my nonbrilliant moments. 

I've had some highs and some lows this month.  One of the highs has been shopping for campers with my husband.  Yes.  Campers.  Perhaps you've been reading here for a while, and so you're thinking, "Hmmm, she's never mentioned camping before...".  Well, except maybe for Stitch Camp, which isn't camping at all except that sometimes there are lots of S'mores involved.  And I know it sounds crazy, that two people who have never, ever gone camping have been shopping for a camper, but that's been part of the fun. It's like we're on a special assignment together and we're having a ball.

I don't know what it is that we're finding appealing about living in 200 square feet of space for a few weeks at a time, but the appeal is certainly there, so we're just going with it.  There's probably some deeper psychological meaning to it all...But I'm certainly not going to over think it.  That'd be one of my bad habits.

One of the lows has been that our friends lost their young son in a car accident two weeks ago.  It hit us and our neighborhood pretty hard - so, so sad.  It really shook us up.

Stitching has been kind of hit or miss, but I did manage a small finish.  This was a nice little fall project.

From Crows and Pumpkins, by Annie Beez.  DMC floss and some kind of blue linen

And I'm still working on my Antiqued Sampler.  My goal for my last French Knot Friends stitch night was to finish one area of over-one lettering, and yes, yes I did!

This part was easy to finish.  In fact, it was delightful!

If you're reading this from West Virginia, Western PA or Ohio, you may be interested in seeing the Ohio County Country Fair this coming weekend.  One of my stitching friends is a member of the Wheeling WV EGA, and they've been instrumental in gathering needlework for judging and/or display for this fair.  So Deb convinced some of us to enter our stitching in the fair and I've entered a piece or two.  If you go, my pieces should be easy to spot, what with my tendency to plaster my name all over everything the way samplers usually have space to add your name or initials.  Even better, there will be an ice cream tent!  And I'm going to bet there will be Kettle Corn (sigh...yet another bad habit of mine)


  1. That is certainly a low, Lee, I am so sorry.

    Love the thought of the camper. I've been thinking about a narrow boat (barge) since we live in canal country here in Cheshire but the WT says we'd kill each other and I'm too untidy. What can he mean, lol?

    Love that sampler. To give you fair warning next time I am in PA, I am meeting up with you and Carol! Just thought you'd like to know, lol!

  2. When I hear about someone's child dying, I feel physically ill. Just hug your friends and be there for them. You may not be able to see that it helps, but it does.

    Your stitching is beautiful, as always. Good luck at the fair.

  3. not me...but you have fun and let us know how it is.
    Sorry about the loss of your friend's son...loosing children of any age is tough.
    Love the Pumpkins and he WIP...

  4. Sometimes a tragedy close to us knocks us off our stride for a while but hopefully you'll grace us with your witty presence no matter what you have to say Lee.

  5. Oh, so sad. As you know, we've been thru some tough times with another young man dying for no good reason. Such a horrible experience to have to live thru.

    Camping! Woot. Who knew I was so prophetic?? You do remember the story? How could you forget.

    Love the pumpkin piece and your sampler is coming along nicely. How cool you'll have things displayed at the fair. I will be in Ohio this weekend but not near enough to visit WVA.


  6. Camping for me is - a/c, running water, electric (meaning the possibility of tv), and a real stove and fridge. If those conditions are met - ok count me in. If you are talking about a tent...nah!

    Love your pumpkins/crows - another one I haven't seen. And your sampler is coming along - way to go on the 1 over 1!

    So sorry to hear about your friend's child - hugs to you all.

  7. Feel free to expound on your unbrilliant moments. (That's all my blog seems to be about. That and whining.) You're such an entertaining writer that you make everything enjoyable.

    Cute finish, although it did take me a while to figure out that those things are bees.

    So sorry to hear about your friends' son. Hugs to all.

  8. You have certainly had some highs and lows. The shopping for the camper sounds like fun (the shopping part only) and you've certainly gotten some lovely stitching done. Good luck at the Fair!

    I am so sorry to hear about the death of your friend's son. That is so tragic and I am so sorry for their loss.
    There just are no words.

  9. Camping...the only way I'd do it is in a camper :) Camp on!

    And I love your Pumpkin finish, how darling. Your Sampler WIP...gorgeous!

    Kettle corn....can be hard habit to break.

    My heart dropped when I read of your friends son lost in a car accident....that is something I can relate too, I'll pray an extra prayer for his family and their healing....if it wouldn't have been for people praying for my mother and our family, I don't know that we would have come through the other side.

  10. It's good to see a post from you, Lee--I was just getting ready to email you and see if your were okay...

    What a tragedy for your friends and your whole neighborhood--I'm so very, very sorry to read about the young boy.

    I love your pumpkin and crow finish--very cute!! And nice progress on the sampler--that is turning out to be a much bigger piece than I thought.

    Good luck at the fair--it will be fun to see all that different stitching in one place...Eat some Kettle Corn for me (did you know William Sonoma sells Kettle corn salt/sugar sprinkle stuff? Just had some last night--yummm!!)

  11. Oh Lee, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of the son of your friend. Know that we're all thinking of your friend and your community.

  12. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends son. My thoughts and prayers go out to that family and everyone who was effected by this tragedy.

    Love your finish, that is so cute. Wonderful progress on the other pieces as well!!!

  13. So sorry to hear about your friend's son, I know from personal experience the horror they are dealing with at this terrible sure and give them lots of support and will mean the world to them.

    Camping with your hubby sounds like fun!

  14. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend's son.

    Life is short. Who cares about the psychological meaning... As long as you're enjoying yourselves, that's all that matters :)

    Beautiful stitching. Especially love your pumpkin piece.

  15. What a tragic loss for your friends and neighbors. I'm so sorry, Lee.

    I, too, have been waiting for some brilliance to inspire me to write on my blog and it seems my brain is allergic. :D

    As for camping - go for it! I'm not a hard-core camper, i.e. backpacker, but do love going out in our trailer and wish we could go more often. Right now the kids' school and sports are hampering our efforts. Be sure to post pics and descriptions when you bring home your new toy!

  16. Keep a small notebook and pen handy. The moments are there, they're just hard to remember. "The palest ink is better than the best memory."

  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends' loss--which is your loss, too. How sad and tragic. It just makes you ache as a person and as a parent. Big hugs.

    Enjoy the camper shopping! Sounds like fun. Great job on the stitching, too.

  18. I love your stitcheries - haven't done any counted cross stitching in years but always loved it. And the camper - we bought one when my husband retired and we love, love, love it. Don't go as often as we thought we would but when we go it's wonderful. blessings, marlene