Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mystery solved

 Or as Inspector Clouseau used to say, "Mystery Solve Ed."

Well my dears, your wait is over.  There were many guesses, and some of you were quite close, but eight of you hit the answer right on the nose.  Or some other body part...

Eight of you correctly guessed that this:

Is actually an old suppository mold.  Way back when, pharmacists did a lot more compounding.  Pills, ointments, salves and syrups.  And obviously, suppositories.  I remember that Dave's uncle made his own diaper rash cream and that stuff was miraculous.  He called it Binns Ointment.  A few pharmacies are still compounding, but very few.  Ahhh. The good old days. When the pharmacist didn't have to spend 7 of his or her 8 hours a day on the phone with insurance companies.

Anyway, this morning I popped eight names into this pretty little bowl.  It was also one of the few bowls I could find this morning.  Have I mentioned the words "kitchen remodel" lately?  Anyway -

And the winner was:

When did my hands get so wrinkly? 

So Astrid, I'll drop you a line soon and you'll be getting a small gifty from me in the near future! 

I'm also going to send a little something to Barb, because she was the very first correct guess. 

Thanks everybody, and I hope you had some fun!


  1. Yeay Astrid & Barb!

    Good luck with the kitchen remodeling!

  2. I didn't even try to guess. Ew. lol! Congrats to the winners. Good luck with the kitchen! I wish I were getting mine remodeled too.

  3. I have to say the word "suppository" never even crossed my mind--too funny!! Congratulations to Astrid and Barb--thanks for entertaining us, too, Lee :)

  4. EEEwww! Well, at least this thing has a much better life now. I guess being the mold wouldn't be so bad, It's the person doing the,ummm, delivery. Gives a whole new meaning to hating your job.

    So, how is said remodeling coming? Washing dishes in the tub yet?

  5. I had so much fun figuring out what that thing was. The internet has a wealth of important information on it, doesn't it? don't need to send me something. But I won't turn it down if you do!

  6. Cool beans, thanks! I must say, I much prefer your use for it than what it was originally intended for!

    Any progress pics of the kitchen redo?

  7. Very interesting, that is one thing that I did not even think of at all! Glad I did not try and guess! LOL Congrats to the winners!

  8. Congrats to Barb and Astrid!! I think it's safe to say that this object's second life is better than the first!

    Too funny - my word verification is "icky".

  9. I would never have guessed that one in a million years! :) But I do love the way you've repurposed it. In fact, I'm quite jealous since I've been looking for something to put my small scissors in! blessings, marlene