Friday, November 11, 2011

The color of a good husband

I thought you might be interested to know the majority of comments about the preferred thread colors of a good husband were in the blue to green category.  Some ventured off the blue and green path to include khaki, and one rather unique person said periwinkle (but if you read her comment, it totally makes sense).

My very good husband looks fantastic in green, so I'm going to stick with my green thread opinion. 

I have a tiny bit of stitching to show you today.  I finished one of the exchange kits we received during our retreat - Barb's version of the LHN ornament.   So much fun! 

Barb also included some yummy wool felt for finishing it as an ornament. I'm not that far yet, but soon...

Switching gears to a more serious note - The news about the Penn State scandal fills me with disgust.  As a parent, I can tell you that if my child was a victim of this type of crime, I'd want the balls on a plate of every single person who didn't report this crime.  To the police. 

Since when does your employer dictate your actions as a citizen?  Here's an exercise.  Every time you read an article or hear a news story about this scandal, change the term "molesting a child" (a crime) to "murdering a child" (hmm - also a crime).  When I think of it that way, I can't justify any reason for not reporting these incidents to the police.  No matter what my Employee Handbook says.


  1. You are correct Lee. When did our morals change from what is right to what our employer dictates? Very, Very Scary.

  2. Better yet...what has happened to morals? When did we go deaf, dumb and blind?

    On a lighter note, nice little ornament!

  3. Great stitching and I have to agree with you about the Penn State scandal. It is disgusting. I heard today that Joe P. has hired a criminal defense attorney. It is shameful and sad.

  4. Love your stitching!
    As for the other topic, if I saw someone doing that to a child, I could not and would not walk away to tell someone, I would have done what I could have to get that child out of harm's way immediately.

  5. When did people stop knowing when it is time to go to police? How srewedup are we that there have been riotts over the firing of Jo Pa rather than hanging him out to dry with the rest who did not go to the police. And death threats to the eye witness not for not going to the police but for getting Jo Pa fired. Really were are screwed up!