Thursday, November 03, 2011

Erie Weekend Stitching

I'm back with more about our Erie weekend!

First of all, I wanted to show you these little pincushions I made for everyone. I love a simple 4-patch design and sometime over the year I found this awesome grape fabric, so I knew I had to make these.  Finding the grape charms was a bit of a challenge, but Linda directed me to and they had just what I needed.  The little pincushions are a snap to make, and they're even easier if you follow this tutorial.  Her method for attaching the buttons is especially helpful.

For our first night, I was working on a La D Da pumpkin design, but soon after we had all arrived and settled in, we did our ornament kit exchange. So the next morning I got started on Barb's kit, the design from  LHN. I love, love, love it! I also loved all the other kits, and I'll show them to you as I get them started between now and Christmas, but in the meantime, here's my progress on Barb's.

A lovely mottled linen, and GAST and DMC threads!

And as for the other girls, here's what they had going on!
Carol's Thanksgiving PS.  Carol is a PS expert!

One of Pam's 2011 Challenge pieces, a whimsical Halloween house from a magazine, but I don't remember which magazine.  Pam - a little help here?

Barb's start on my ornament kit.  As of today, she says she's almost done.  Way to go Barb!

Linda's awesome project, stitched as a gift for a friend she grew up with in Cleveland and who has since moved to the other side of the world.  Literally!

We had a wonderful time together, with lots of stitching, talking, sharing and laughing. It always ends too soon though.  We get these weekends once a year and it's kind of funny when I start getting the "countdown" emails - we look forward to them like kids at Christmas.

In other news around the lake house, my kitchen sink has returned!  I will never take a sink for granted again.  I've been painting ceiling boards, and hope that the contractor will have the ceiling completely in by tomorrow.  Now a floor would be nice...

Oh, and later I'll have more pics to share, too, because earlier in October I visited with some other stitchers.  They let me drop in for a day during their retreat in Deep Creek MD, since I live practically around the corner (and I kind of invited myself...).  Does anyone remember the old SNL skits with John Belushi - the ones where he played The Thing That Wouldn't Leave?  Um. Yeah.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Your pincushion looks great - love it! I really like how you all kitted up an ornament - did you all pick which ones ahead of time, or did you take the chance of two people picking the same one? Loved seeing everyone's projects too, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your pincushion. The ornament kits were a great idea. I wish I had a group to stitch with.
    Does Carol have a blog? I also love PS and love to see others work.
    I would love to get the name of the mag that Pam is working from.
    Great stitching ladies.


  3. Beautiful pin cushion Lee! What a fun time . lucky you! love hearing about what's going on in your neck of the woods. Good luck with the kitchen. Our reno is almost done ( that's what I said 2 wks ago)

  4. The haunted quilt store is titled Pumpkin Patch Quilts by Gail Bussi and is featured in the September 2010 issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine.

    It's a cute, whimsical Halloween piece.


  5. I love Artbeads and have gotten loads of things from there. I also particularly like Fusion Beads and Brightlings Beads. I've ordered from all three and have had wonderful service and products from all.

    Deep Creek Lake is where we spent our first anniversary. It's quite lovely out there, but a hell of a drive from the eastern part of PA

  6. Aww look at all the beautiful WIPs. Can you please ask Linda who is the designer on that "Cleveland" piece? My husband and I both grew up in Cleveland and most of our family is there, what great gifts this would make, especially for those my two aunts living out of state.
    Thank you :)

  7. It sounds like you had a great time. The ornament kits are a great idea. I will be watching your progress on these.

  8. I'm particularly taken with the LHN kit - can't wait to see your finish.

  9. An expert am I? Ha ha--thanks for the compliment, Lee. Still haven't finished the PS piece--want to head up to Erie again this weekend :)

  10. Your pincushion is very pretty, I love the little grape button. Lovely stitching on your LHN piece and pretty linen too.

  11. It was truly a lovely weekend of stitching and laughing and no worries. Lee's wonderful pincushion has found a permanent home on my stitching table. It's just the right size and I know it was made with love.

    The Cleveland piece is by Oberlin Samplers. Not sure if it is still available, but I'll be glad to share Natasha when I'm done. My friend now lives in Australia - we both lived on the West Side when we lived in Cleveland.


  12. I didn't want to leave...:(

    It was a great idea to make up these kits. Now I don't have to go searching for supplies for new ornaments!

  13. That's one of the treats at a stitcher's meeting. You get to see so many different projects, different styles and designers that it's pure inspiration.

  14. The Thing That Wouldn't Leave. ROFLOL We used to tease my son when he was younger because he'd go over to friend's houses for playdates and ALWAYS left something behind, so he had to be invited back--like one of the George-isms from Seinfeld. LOL

    I loved seeing all the photos of the projects--how inspiring! I would have had such a hard time doing anything but gawking. Loved seeing Carol's PS piece--I knew whose it was right away when I saw the PS. :)