Monday, November 21, 2011

A list for Santa

Here is a list from the comments of your most UN-favorite Christmas gifts.  If my children are reading this, I hope they appreciate those windshield wipers now.

1.  A vacuum cleaner
2.  A scientific calculator
3.  Mens leather work gloves
4.  Bad pajamas
5.  Shoes with 2 inch heels
6.  Generic legos
7.  Orange jelly candies, wrapped with a shoe.  Yes, one shoe. To make it heavy.
8.  A bar of soap

And two that fall into the category of positively painful -

9.  A bundle of sticks wrapped with twine and (with a live spider), to make her home more "stylish"

10.  A slide rule, when she had asked for a skate board.


I had a busy (but still relaxing) weekend of putting the last things away in the kitchen, followed up by a bit of shopping for odds and ends at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I'm super pleased - the added storage feels positively luxurious and the added counters make it seem like I have acres of space.  And the lighting?  I have enough lights now to land an airplane.  Quite different than the one ceiling fixture I had before. 

Oh - and outlets!  I had three outlets before, and one didn't work.   And once I plugged in my microwave, toaster and refrigerator, that left me with a place to plug in exactly one thing.  Unless I was running the portable dishwasher - in which case I had zero. Just think, now I can make coffee and use a mixer.  At the same time!

I'm still missing almost all of the window, door and ceiling trim in both rooms- so I don't have pictures for you yet.  So while my kitchen is functional, it's still not totally pretty.  Hopefully next week things will be completely back to normal...except I know that deer hunting season starts Monday, meaning that all work in Fayette County gets put on hold until it's over. 

Now I'm off to the airport to pick up my son - happy, happy me!


  1. Glad your kitchen is coming together, can't wait to see pictures of the finish! Enjoy your time with your son!!

  2. You sound like you'll be spending a lot of extra time in your new kitchen, Lee!

    And enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family, my friend! I'm certainly thankful for blogging--otherwise I would never have met you :)

  3. How exciting. All kinds of good things happening at once.

    Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.


  4. Well, the workers almost made it before the holiday! Almost! Yeah, hope the kids read your blog - they'll realize how good they have it!

  5. funny list.
    I am glad that the kitchen is almost done!
    Happy Thanksgiving.