Saturday, November 26, 2011

The places I've shopped

What a meme!  Stolen from Anna, who lifted it from JHM, over at Needleworker's Samplings:

Here's a list of the places I've shopped, and I've narrowed it down to places I've physically visited and handed over $$.  I didn't include places I've only dealt with via mail order.  Nor did I include chain stores like Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, Michaels, etc.  Also - Those with (*) are gone.  And if anyone has any feedback or can help me remember correct names or towns, please leave a comment.  Oh, and by the way, the list may seem long, but remember... I'm old as dirt.

(edited 11-30-11)

In Pennsylvania:
Covered Bridge Needlearts, Bridgewater
Stitch and Stuff, Erie
Strawberry Sampler, Chadds Ford
*The Stitchery, West Mifflin
*Noble Craftsman, Pittsburgh
*Thread Connection, Pittsburgh
*The French Knot, Canonsburg
Little Country Cross Stitch, Murraysville
*Teatime Stitchery, Monroeville
Ye Old Cross Stitcher, Bristol
*The Count of Cross Stitch, Carlisle
Lil Boden; Intercourse
Kranberry Kupboard, Horsham
Peace of Thread, Southampton
*Hatboro Cross Stitch Shop, Hatboro
*Knots and Whatknots, Uniontown (yes, we actually had a little shop in my hometown)
Hand Dyed Fibers, Williamstown
*Needle Nook, Ligonier
*Farrells Hook, Line and Stitch, Meadville
      (categorizing this as gone because they discontinued their stitching supplies and decided to focus on fly-tying.  Really.)

In Ohio:
Crafty Ewe, Cleveland
Clares Stitching Post, Vermilion
Cross My Heart, Columbus
Just Stitching, Strongsville
*Stitching House, Berlin

In Kansas and Missouri:
Picture This Plus, Abilene KS
Sunflower Seed,Topeka KS
Two the Point, Overland Park KS
CC and Company, Blue Springs MO
Old Mill Stitchery, Liberty MO
Stitch On Needlework, Lawrence, KS 

In Maryland:
Four Seasons Stitchery, Grantsville
The Stitching Post, Baltimore
Salty Yarns, Ocean City

On Vacations or Retreats in other places:
Victorian Sampler, Cape May NJ
Needlepoint, Inc. San Francisco CA
Haus Tirol,  Williamsburg
The Counting House, Pawleys Island SC
Silver Needle, Tulsa OK
The Woolen Mills, Dublin Ireland
Hearts Desire - Shop is in Wichita KS and I've never been there, but I've been to their retreat and made a couple purchases there.

Other Places I know I've shopped but can't remember their names:
A tiny shop tucked away in Downtown Charleston SC
Little shop on Third Ave on Stone Harbor NJ
One in Atlanta GA about 25 years ago
Two shops in Cincinnati, also 25 years ago

Shops I really, really, REALLY need to visit at some time in my life:
Shepherd's Bush, Utah
Stitch and Frame Shop, Rock Hill SC
Nordic Needle
Attic Needlework
And I'm sure I'll think of more!


  1. Great list!
    I don't think that I could remember the shop's that I have been in. It is so sad that so many of them are gone. I would like to get to The Attic one if these days?

  2. WOW! How can you even remember all of those places. I think that you are my shopping hero. lol Keep it up! Shepard's Bush and the Attic are on my bucket list.

  3. That's a lot of shops! I'm not sure I can think of all the xs stores I've spent money in over the years - something to think about! :D

  4. Wow! Lucky you to live in a country where you can find so many LNS. I don't even know if there are that many LNS in my entire country, lol.

  5. Did you go to Stitchworks in Tulsa? It's across the street from Silver Needle? I'm having trouble remembering the specifics but maybe it was in a larger store then moved to a smaller space. (I'm sure there's someone out there who will correct me...)


  6. Covered Bridge! There was one in NH--totally forgot I shopped there.

    Let's go to SB together. That's a place I want to visit too.

  7. Far too many *'s in Pennsylvania.

    I've been to The Attic - it's fabulous and a must see. I'd like to go to Needlecraft Corner and meet Drema at some point and of course, SB is on my list.

  8. If you're back in the Philly area again, come visit my LNS - Just Cross Stitch. It used to be in Limerick and is now in Lederach, PA

  9. I LOVE The Covered Bridge in Bridgewater! I go there everytime I get home. I grew up across the river from Bridgewater. Highlight of coming home.

  10. I remember the Noble Craftsman from when I lived in the Pittsburgh area. I did a lot of shopping at Lee Wards then.

    Great list. I can't remember most of where I have been anymore.


  11. I've been to Stitch 'N Stuff in Erie...Barb did all my framing when I lived there! (Barb is NOT a warm and friendly person. After my first stop in her shop, I almost never returned...)

  12. Wow! I'm jealous! LOL I'd love to go to SB and The Attic, too. Ah, to dream...

  13. Hi Lee,
    You went to Stitch On Needlework in Lawrence, KS when we did the shop hop too. Also, PTP is in Abilene, Heart's Desire is in Wichita, don't know if you made it to Heart's although you did make it to their camp.
    What fun we had, hope we can meet up at another retreat or get away soon.
    you have been to a lot more than me, hope to catch up with you.

  14. I know this is an older post (I'm trying to catch up) but I really got a chuckle out of your list. Two of my regular shops are on your list of want to visits (Shepherds Bush in Utah and The Attic in Arizona) and I think your whole PA list is on my list of places to visit. I really need to get out to PA before my sister finishes up Med School in Hershey.