Monday, December 05, 2011

HSE Freebie

This is the 2011 Homespun Elegance freebie, generously shared by Sandra on the Plain and Fancy Merchant blog.  I changed the colors a little bit, using light grey for the windows and dark grey for the roof shingles where she used dark browns.  I also used my HDF silks in place of the GAST and some of the DMC.  And I sure wish you could see the gold sparkly flecks in the fabric! 

Thank you everybody, for the nice things you said about my new kitchen.  If only I could have you all over for a huge dinner party now! 


  1. This is so cute! I also saw it on the same blog as you, but I have to many thing to stitch right now.
    Happy Stitching

  2. So sweet!
    When is that party? lol

  3. Oh, isn't that sweet--I love the little reindeer with his giant candy cane.

    Just went back and scrolled through your kitchen photos again... ahhh!! So, so beautiful :)

  4. Love that little piece. For some reason I never think to find freebies to do. It's too bad because I'm missing some fun little stitches.


  5. That is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it. I hadn't seen it so have just downloaded it :)

  6. Cute little finish. I've stitched on that gold flecked fabric before and I can imagine how lovely it looks it real life.


  7. This is a beautifully stitched piece, I love the fabric! I admit I am green with envy- you have the ultimate dream kitchen :)

  8. LOVE that freebie! I just printed it out to stitch. Super cute!

    Your new kitchen is GORGEOUS!!

  9. Very cute design. Thanks for sharing the link.