Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm not stitching much lately. I have this very annoying pinched nerve in my neck. Usually it goes away in a day or two, but this SOB is not cooperating with me. The doc says to "keep moving", but I seem to alternate between moving and being completely immobile. Like a statue. I'm not good at dealing with pain and I'm cranky as all get-out.

But anyway.

I had a wonderful, wonderful visit with my friends Carol and Linda on Friday.  We met for some shopping and lunch, and then we were headed to a local library to stitch, but when we asked our waitress for directions she told us to use their empty side room.  Perfect!  So we sat by a big picture window and stitched the afternoon away. 

And there were a couple of surprises!  Our Linda had been antique shopping and found us these wonderful scissor frogs!  Now my scissors can live in beauty.  They were getting tired of the suppository mold.  Isn't it pretty?

And Carol, our Over One Queen, stitched these ornaments for Linda and me.  Linda and I both agree that Carol is the touchstone when it comes to over one stitching.  In my stitching history, I've seen lots of models and finishes, but Carol's over one stitching is absolutely perfect.  As you can see....

And here is where it lives on my kitchen Christmas tree!

Well my bloggy friends, this is the limit of my computer time. My neck, shoulder and arm are screaming at me already. I have so many comments that I want to leave on your blogs - everyone's stitching at this time of year is so gorgeous. But I promise to catch up with all of you after this bugger resolves itself.  And I'll catch up with you so much that you'll be sick of me!

Till next time!


  1. Oh dear on the neck. I have arthritis in my neck so I totally sympathize. Hope you feel better soon. Love the beautiful ornament you got! And the scissor frog. Glad you had fun with friends -- best thing ever!

  2. Sorry your in pain. Hope it goes away soo. Looks like you needed a second frog!

  3. Get well get well soon. We hope you get well soon.

    My word verification is"poopp." Awesome!

  4. I hear you about the pain. I'm do a total Jekyll and Hyde thing when I'm hurting. You are so allowed to be cranky.

    Looks a very fun visit with stitchy friends anyway with some lovely gifts to lift your spirits.

  5. Right this minute go make an appointment for a massage. NOW. A 15 minute chair massage at least. I'll tell you a story when you get back. Seriously. Don't say it's over indulgent. I mean it...go now.


  6. Feel better! Maybe looking at all your pretties will help take your mind off it. If only, huh?

    Love that little reindeer ornament!

  7. Ugh! I feel your pain, Lee--I've had a few of those pinched nerves and they just kill... I do hope it gets better soon...

    Glad to see your little gift hanging on your Christmas tree--it looks right at home there in your lovely new kitchen. Look closer--my over one stitching is not perfect by any means, but I appreciate your kind comments :)

    Get well soon, my friend!

  8. Do feel better! I have major neck and shoulder tightness and can understand the pain. Hope you feel better soon. Love the ornie from Carol. It looks so pretty gracing your tree! So nice to get some time with stitchy friends around the holidays!

  9. Sorry about your neck. Hope you start feeling better soon. Love the flower frog and the ornament is gorgeous.

  10. Sorry to hear about the neck thing. Two of my friends do acupuncture for their necks with great success. Something to consider if it continues...

  11. Ouch. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  12. I would imagine it's hard to keep moving when you are in pain. Sure hope you feel better soon!
    Love the frog, and your tree looks so pretty. Carol's ornament was the perfect addition. :)

  13. Hope you're feeling better, Lee! I miss seeing you guys at stitch night; I hope to get back before too much longer, maybe things will settle a bit after the holidays.

  14. I do hope you are feeling better! Sounds like a lovely time you had out with the girls and lovely goodies as well!

  15. Hope your neck feels better soon. What a pretty little scissors frog. Carol's over one ornaments are absolutely gorgeous and it looks perfect on your tree.


  16. Carol certainly does beautiful work. She's a sweet lady, too ☺

    I hope you feel better soon.

  17. Sorry to hear you've been in pain lately.

    What a special afternoon you had with wonderful gifts!

  18. What a lovely gift from Carol! She is, indeed, the over one queen!

    I hope your neck improves. Enjoy your Christmas!

  19. Wonderful gifts to a great friend!! I love the ornament Carol made you and that flower know you guys enjoyed yourself...

    Hope you are getting better...
    Merry Christmas, Faye

  20. Pain pain go away, Lee wants to stitch today!
    Hope you will soon feel much bettr.