Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 10

Lamps.  I adore lamps!  And this one is my favorite, bought from the gift shop when I worked at Kentuck Knob.  It totally belongs in my house.  The stained glass artist started with the style of the Tiffany maple leaf lamp, but then added his own touches to it - particularly the red berries - and made it even more appealing.  Every night that I light this lamp, it makes me happy.

No stitchery pics today because I don't have the author's permission. ( Not that she wouldn't give it, just that I forgot to ask for it and now I'm writing this post and thinking about how forgetful I am)  Do you remember how we were wondering about who would care for and keep our stitching in future generations?  Well, Susan Elliot wrote a very interesting article about the importance of the stories behind our family treasures.  I thought it was very thought-provoking and it makes me want to catalog every sampler I have hanging in the house.One of these days I should attach notes or stories to the back of each one.  It would be a fun exercise.

And could it count as housework, too?  Moving the samplers around will stir up at least a little dust.


  1. Your lamp is very pretty; I see why you love it! Great idea on the samplers - I do have notes on the back of some of mine (not all, by a longshot) and on a lot of them, I stitch secret messages in the border that won't show once framed. But... should anyone ever remove the frame, they'll find a surprise.

  2. Love your lamp. I have a couple tiffany lamps and they really are so cheery and colorful. Enjoy your day!