Sunday, February 05, 2012

Day 5

I love both of these Moms! My mom is on the left and Dave's mom is on the right. I should tell you that this photo is quite a find. My mother in law is notoriously difficult about having her picture taken. She gets weird about it because she's always worried that she "never takes a good picture", so she's all nervous and unnatural when a camera comes out. I think we just got lucky with this picture, because she looks relaxed and just like her normal self.

I firmly believe that a big part of my life has involved the good fortune that's come my way. Starting with the good fortune of having a wonderful mom to raise me, then continuing with the good fortune of having such a terrific mother in law - I've been a very lucky girl.

Stitching that I love today is from the talented hands of Suzanne, over at Squazi & The Chickens.  She finished some beautiful Christmas ornaments a couple days ago, and this one is my favorite. (But you'll want to go visit Suzanne's blog and see all the others, too.)

I have this thing for red and white stitching, and this is a wonderful example of just the kind of red stitching that I love.  This sweet little pin pillow is a freebie designed by 123Citrouille.  And little red that button!  How perfect!


  1. There is nothing like a dear mother, is there? I've been equally blessed with mine, Lee--aren't we lucky?

    Lovely red and white stitching from Suzanne--I've always enjoyed that design, too.

  2. Sweet finish! Love the red and white look too. Blessings, Laura

  3. A picture to cherish and the red and white piece is beautiful too. CJ in OK ;-)

  4. What a sweet picture and I love the stitched piece too.

  5. What a nice photo of both your mums.

    Thank you so much for highlighting my finish, I have had so many wonderful comments and gained a few new readers and followers.