Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Day 7

My S8.  Best car I've ever owned.  Hands down.  This car could fly.  And I looked damn good in it. 

Yes, that sentence was written in past tense. Once that first kid headed to college, it was inevitable that something had to go. I had to give up my favorite car for a station wagon.  But at least it was a fast station wagon.

OK, time for today's stitching that I love.  Don't we all adore stitching that has special meaning to us?  Sometimes I hold a piece of my grandmother's work and wonder if she had any idea that it would be so cherished.  And then I look at my work and wonder - Will my children feel the same tie to my stitching that I feel to my grandmother's work?  Will they keep the samplers or will they end up in the back of somebody's closet? 

But more importantly:  Will my samplers ever appear on the Twenty Second Century version of The Antiques Roadshow and have the appraisers and collectors salivating all over them?  And will my love affair with my own initials and dates provide outstanding provenance for my ancestors who will be waiting in long lines at the Roadshow, wearing the the Next Century version of Crocs and capri pants?

So, you know how when someone is on Antiques Roadshow and they have a collection of special items that are meaningful and sweet and just downright awesome?  Well, I always think of this collection of needlework.   I can just hear the appraisers talking about these!  The stitching in the collage below shows wedding anniversary gifts that our Anna  has made for her husband through the years.  I have no doubt that these are and will be cherished.

Can't you just see them all laid out on a table while one of her ancestors tells their story?  And the appraisers saying words like, "lovely" and "charming" and "excellent provenance".  Thanks, Anna for letting me use your photos.  And even though I've made them into a collage, please click HERE to go right to her blog post and see them individually.  Or you could see them as I first saw them - lining her stairway, or as she calls it, The Stairway to Heaven.

I kind of started doing the same thing for my daughter for Valentine's Day.  Except that mine are accepted happily as long as there is cash inside.  Somehow, it doesn't quite feel the same....(just kidding - I know my daughter loves them)

YIKES!  I missed the February SBQ!  Silly me!  Look for it soon.


  1. We were watching Antique Roadshow last night and I said to my husband, "I wonder if my stitching will be worth a lot in 200 years?" hahaha I can only hope.

  2. Somehow, you got that backwards. You give the kid the family station wagon and then you get a speedster! I still mourn the Jetta I sold to get our Outback. Fortunately, a friend bought it, and I occasionally get visiting privileges.

  3. Aren't Anna's gifts to the dude perfect? I like all of them.

    I'm pretty certain that the only person who'll care about my needlework will be my daughter. After that, who knows?