Thursday, February 09, 2012

Day NIne

I love my city.  Even though I live 50 miles away, Pittsburgh will always feel like it's my city.  It's the place where I grew up.  I mean really grew up.  The kind of growing up you do when you leave your childhood home.

I love its many neighborhoods. I love its downtown (ahem.....dahntahn). I love its sports teams.  I love its libraries, parks, museums, colleges and hospitals.  Sure, its winter is long and it always rains on the Three Rivers Arts Festival, but there are days of glorious sunshine, too.

I just wish it had a few cross stitch shops.  Then it would be perfect.

Today's stitching that I love comes from Meari, who completed Carol's Mystery Sampler and finished it as a lovely box. (Carol kindly posted a tutorial for the box completion, too)  Don't you just love needlework tools?  And don't you just love to have a wonderful place to store them?  I think this box finish by Meari is wonderful.  What showpiece for keeping your favorite things. 

Thanks Meari, for letting me use your photos!


  1. I used one of those trams to see the city a few years ago. Mine was down the river about 3 bridges - don't you love the Gothic building?

    Pittsburgh is a neat town - next time though I'm going to make it to Primanti Brothers!

  2. You made me think of "my town", Greendale, WI. We lived there 10 years. My children spent their early childhood there. We move around every few years because of my husband's jobs. Someday, we are going back to Greendale!

  3. Amen!! I didn't grow up here either, Lee, but I agree Pittsburgh is a beautiful, friendly, All-American city. It still takes my breath away whenever I view it from Mt. Washington at night...

    And Meari's box finish is stunning--off to check it out on her blog!

  4. hmm, I don't like that photo you put up. It makes Pittsburgh look far too clean and takes away all the character.

  5. oh que c'est beau !!!!!

    bisous xxxxx de FRANCE

  6. So much beautiful stuff to comment on! The box is lovely and Pittsburgh looks like very hospitable... for all that it's lacking in shopping opportunities for you :) Here's to more cross stich for all!

  7. Thanks for the shout-out about my needlework box! That's a wonderful photo of Pittsburgh. I've never been there.

  8. When I moved here in 1997, I never dreamed that I would a)ever live anywhere near Pittsburgh and b)miss it when the time comes to leave (as I know I will). I agree with you about the shops :-/

    1. Needlework supplies stores in the Pittsburgh area are woefully lacking. I'm a designer/teacher and owned a shop years back when I lived in Northern VA. Unfortunately, when I moved back to Western PA (and I DID bring all my shop stuff with me) I found that the area where I am (about 25 miles east - north east of the city) doesn't seem to have a high enough concentration of "serious stitchers" to make opening a shop feasible. So many people admire my work but flat out refuse to consider the possibility that they can learn to do similar things. Not sure why there are so many closed minds around here! ;-)

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