Friday, February 03, 2012

Day Three

Time to switch things up a bit and tell you about a place that I love.  I visited San Francisco in 2009 and 2010, thanks to my son who had summer internships in Sequoia National Forest and in San Francisco Bay.  I loved it there.  It was such a vibrant and exciting city and I wish we had had more time to explore the area.  Like three or more months.  Of course, the cost of living out there would bankrupt me, but I'd go happily to debtors prison.  These are pictures of us doing all the touristy things.  And having a marvelous time, too.

Dave and I don't usually pose holding beers, but there was a very drunk lady in the bar who was dirty dancing all over some man.   She grabbed our camera and insisted that she take our picture, which was really just a ruse so that she could ask us to take a picture of her doing mildly pornographic things on the dance floor with her beau.  So if we look vaguely uncomfortable, now you know why.
Because my time there was so short, (and to be honest, I was a little intimidated by driving the highways out there. Maybe it was the lack of potholes.), I wasn't able go to Needle in a Haystack.  But I was able to visit Needlepoint, Inc. which is in the middle of the big shopping district downtown.  And I was treated to this - an amazing wall of silk.  Sadly, they were about to close, so I could only gawk and stare for a few short minutes.

OK, now on to my favorite stitching of the day!

A dear friend stitched this little ornament for me in a couple years ago. I love the color, I love the design and I love every little thing about it. Do you remember the Valentine smalls I showed you last week?  Well, this was what that Quaker heart was supposed to look like:

Lovely, n'est pas?


  1. All wonderful things Lee! I love a city vacation :)
    That yarn is wonderful and so is the wonderful ornament.
    Happy Friday!!!

  2. Oh yes, Baghdad by the Bay! We lived in the Bay Area for 16 years; I worked in teh City for 12 of those years,; we still own two houses there; and STILL we never saw all we wanted to see! I loved that city!

    Needle in a Haystack is a wonderful place; I could bankrupt myself there in minutes, though. I didn't know about Needlepoint Inc. Looks like I have a place to nag my hubby about when we go out there again (this spring, maybe!)...

  3. Needle in a Haystack is my local needlework store. I absolutely love it and I agree with Carol...I could bankrupt myself there. One of the nice ladies who work there told me a story about a woman who was given a gift card to the store for a retirement gift...$1,000! Oh my, what I would buy if I had that kind of "free" money! Needlepoint Inc has a different vibe, I think, being in San Francisco downtown. But they sure have nice things too!

  4. Love your SF collage but then I'm biased. I just went to NiaH last weekend!

  5. Wow, that silk wall is amazing!


  6. Great pics of SF! I hope I can get there someday. Pretty quaker heart design. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I agree! I was in SF for the second time last summer, and I can't wait to go back. My sweet swain drove me over to NiaH, and he had some fun in a tool store across the street. To each his own, huh? We'll have to get to NPI next time.

  8. I second you on everything you said about San Francisco.