Monday, February 13, 2012

Days 11, 12, and 13

I got a little behind with my February posts.  I don't want to whine about my neck anymore, but I'll still use it as an excuse.  Some days I want to rip my neck off my body, but then where would my head sit?

And I'd look like this guy. 

Not a pretty idea I want to show you some of the far away stitching friends I love. I don't have pictures of everyone.  The combination of me always forgetting to pack my camera, my lack of photography skills and a couple of camera-shy friends means that not all of you are here in this collage.  But you get the idea. 

Don't worry nearby stitching girls - you're coming up soon!

Call me lucky....I've been able to meet fellow stitchers from all over the world.  Sometimes I've come to them and sometimes they've come to me, but whichever - it's been wonderful fun.  There are my Kansas Girls, my Philly Girls, and my Erie Girls.  I also still have friends from my pre-computer, ink and paper pen-pal days, including Hella and Anna from Lubeck Germany with me in the photo on the right side, and Elizabeth from Australia with me in my driveway on the left side.  These lovely women and their families have visited with me a few times and it's always a treat.
And now that Dave and I are starting our camper adventures, who knows where else I'll have "girls"? 

Stitching that I love today is my very own!  Yes, I'm not borrowing from someone else's blog today! 

The first year that my daughter was away at college, I stitched her a Valentine.  And I've continued to do it each year.  I hope it becomes part of our mother-daughter story.  This year I stitched "Heart Happy".  Really fun!


  1. Yes, you are lucky to have so many stitching friends! Love your tradition with your daughter.

  2. that is a fun tradition for you and your daughter

  3. Feeling the same here with the neck thing too..LOL
    Beautiful photos.

  4. The last time I was here were the Mom's day!!! After a end of last week/weekend a bit sick I'm back for a quick tour and love it all. You do live in a wonderfull place and near a beatiful town! Hope your neck is better! We all know you look much better than the guy, even in pain! Family traditions are really lovely and your with your daugther is beatiful! I'm sure she will cherish it and pass it along to the next generation!
    Hugs fron sunny Portugal

  5. And we love you, too, Lee :)

    What a sweet tradition you have going with Colleen--she will have quite a collection of "love" from her dear mom if you keep this up!