Tuesday, March 06, 2012

March SBQ - and -I had the most amazing day yesterday

Thanks again to CinDC for proving the March 2012 SBQ!  You can also go visit her blog and thank her yourself.  So, here we go:

Do you participate in exchange or RR stitching? Why or Why Not?

I think most of us have had a go with these kinds of things, so think about your answer and then post about it!

Now for Part 2 of my post today:

Yesterday I had my yearly gyne appointment.  It always involves a long, long drive, followed by absolutely insane parking fees.  (Thank you, Shadyside Hospital).  But I won't switch docs just yet - I've been cared for by this fellow very well for the past 25 years and I think he's the greatest.  Still, you can guess that I was less than anxious to go and Monday morning I woke up thinking I would cancel.  I simply wasn't in the mood, but then I (literally) put on my big girl panties and decided to deal with the hassle.

So...I had my appointment, chatted with my doc, and then visited the receptionist, and pulled out my wallet. And she told me that my insurance rules had changed and I didn't have to pay my co-pay.  Cha-ching!

And since I was in Pittsburgh anyway, I decided to renew my library card.  I stepped up to the desk, filled out the paperwork and took out my wallet, but the librarian said there had been changes at my local library, so this year my card was free.  Seriously?  Now I was feeling fabulous!  And not fretting over parking fees anymore!

OK, so I putzed around at the library, found a few books from the reading list that I keep on my iPhone, and went to the self checkout station.  Major fail.  I couldn't figure it out so I headed to the main desk instead.  (I don't do well at grocery self-checkouts, either)

Checked out my books, la, la, la, la...(That's me singing a self-satisfied song).Looked around a little more, then headed to my car.  Decided to give my son a quick ring while I was in the parking lot.  But....No phone.  Think, think, think!  Did I set it down somewhere?  And I got that feeling of dread, knowing that my phone was gone.  What an awful end to a terrific day.  So I walked back into the library to start what I thought would be a fruitless search, but there it was.  Sitting right in front of the self-checkout station.  I was shocked.  There was a fellow using the self-checkout, too...And I said to him, "Wow, I can't believe this is still here."  But he said to me, "Well, you are in Pittsburgh."  I do love this city.  But it would be better with cheaper parking.

A great end to a great day.  And to think that I almost tried to reschedule it.


  1. Wow, I would say you were having good karma yesterday! Fantastic!

  2. Great! Maybe with all that saved dough you could buy some new stash! ha ha ! Love days like that . Glad all is well . Looking forward to a report on your dear girl's trip soon. Happy Spring Lee!( or hope it is soon spring)

  3. That was a great day.

    I've had the same GYN since moving to DC and have even switch offices to stay with him. I seem to get a new primary care doctor every 2 years thanks to our health plan, but the gyn is constant (and why I don't look into switching health plans).

  4. I don't do exchange or RR stitching. Before I had kids, I thought about it, but I'm not good with deadlines. Also, it seemed like a lot of work. So, I'm curious why people choose to do it.

    Thanks for posting my question!

  5. Your blog posts always make me smile!

  6. I wish I'd known you were in Oakland - we could have had lunch.

  7. Wow, what a lucky day you had yesterday. You should have gotten a lottery ticket! :)
    I haven't yet participated in any RRs or exchanges but I would like to someday. I think it is a fun idea to do on small projects, especially RRs or travelling patterns, so you can see how each person finishes differently.

  8. Buy a lottery ticket. NOW! What a perfect day, you lucky girl.

  9. Those karmic points add up after a while. Glad you had such a great day...and you found your phone!

  10. You just had one of those great days! Too bad about the parking though, but hopefully everything good offset that.

  11. I hope you bought a lottery ticket too!

  12. Excellent Karma!!! I answered the SBQ on my Blog.

    Hope you bought a lotto ticket too!!

  13. Little gifts like this make you believe that life is good!

  14. Just to show us that we can still have some really good surprises in life!

  15. Don't you just love days when wonderful little things like that happen? (Though I agree with you about the parking!)

    I answered your SBQ on my blog,

    (Hope to see you at stitch night tomorrow!)