Saturday, March 10, 2012

What do you do?

When you're up at 4AM because your husband is leaving on his yearly golf trip and you needed to get up and make sure he took all of his stuff, including the glasses that he always leaves behind, realizes it after driving about 10 miles, then has to turn around and come home for them?  Well, after you get him out the door successfully, you make coffee and then hit up your blog.

So here I am. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Oh my gosh, thank you all very much for all of the nice things you said about my samplers last week.  I'd say that all of your comments have spurred me on with Tree of Life and now I'm renewing my goal to finish it before Memorial Day, but that would be a Blog Promise we all know that I've sworn off that sort of thing.  But a little encouragement always helps and I'll say if that Gigantor thing is finished before the official start of summer, I'll be a happy girl.  (Do you KNOW how many other samplers I have waiting in the wings??)

Meanwhile, I've been stitching on a few Springy smalls.  These are some kits that the Kansas girls recently sent me, and they are just the antidote for the cold, gray days of March in Pennsylvania. 

A freebie design from Plum Street Samplers, called Got Luck?

Trail Creek Farms Easter Love

Easter Blessings by Sunflower Seed

The Easter designs have such sweet colors.  They make me think of jelly beans and pretty little girl dresses.  And if you're my age, that also reminds you of white straw Easter hats and white gloves and white patent leather shoes with white lace anklets.  Oh my, and the sugar eggs my mother would put out every year! We'd stare into the little world inside those eggs, thinking that if we stared hard enough, we might shrink and actually get inside there.  You know....because we just had to see what it was like!  Until, after many years of five bad kids picking away at the icing, they were trash.  Ours looked like these, but I'm remembering pansies.  And fingernail marks.

Now excuse me while I head out to the 24 hour Walmart in search of jelly beans and Reese's Peanut Butter eggs.


  1. I happily share your memories of white gloves and hats and patent leather shoes to compliment those pretty Easter dresses. Unfortunately for me, too often the whole effect was ruined by having to wear a nasty wool winter coat because it was still freezing cold outside. Or worse a spring blizzard canceled all the Easter egg hunts! I love New Hampshire, but spring can be brutal.

    Enjoy your candy!

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    I love Got Luck and your WIP's are lovely too.

  3. Oh, I loved sugar eggs. My older sister made some once and they were given to grandmother. I remember one was yellow and had a little bunny inside.

    I love your spring stitching!

  4. Oh yes, white gloves and straw hats. I remember....

  5. I remember the hats and gloves! And just recently, I saw sugar eggs at Cracker Barrel!

    Cute stitches!

  6. I used to love getting dressed up in all the Easter finery! Fun projects you have going and I hope your quiet weekend is productive, relaxing and fun!

  7. I hope that you have a nice and productive weekend. Looking at those sugar eggs reminds me of when I was little. I'll have to look for them this year. I don't think I ever bought any when my kids were younger.

  8. I took a cake decorating class when I was in 4th grade. We made those sugar eggs. Everyone else was familiar with them, but that was the first I had ever seen them...and the last.

  9. So you have lots of free time for the next few days, Lee? Enjoy!! Tomorrow looks like an amazing day to be outside (unfortunately, I have to work!)

    Spring stitching is such fun--love how you've substituted the date for the words on "Got Luck."

    Oh, yes, I well remember the darling little Easter bonnets and white frilly socks and sweet little purses. (And then we would freeze on the walk to church because it was still in the 30s in New York in April!!).

  10. We always got new easter outfits...and yes, I remember the pansies too! Lovely purples and yellows :)
    You're hubby's golf trip sounds like my hubby's fishing trips, have to get up with him to in the wee hours and I usually end up with my stitching in my hands. Your easter stitching is so pretty. Could you pick my up some of those jelly beans and peanut butter eggs too! Thanks ever so much! LOL

  11. Lee - wish I'd found that pattern (shamrocks) about a month ago. But your stitching is cute and springy and your blogs are always so humorous and brighten up my days. Thx, Jannie

  12. Easter was always special at my house too. New dresses, hats, gloves, purses and patent leather shoes. And we always had Fannie Mays Easter Eggs in our baskets - I liked the chocolate eggs filled coconut the best.

    Love the small shamrock design, Lee. It was really good to see you last night.

  13. It's fun when something sparks a memory of something from years gone by. Spring themed stitching has such a pretty palette of colours.

  14. Cute little shamrock finish, congrats. Thanks for the visuals now I need Smuckers jelly beans, only available for Easter each year. CJ in OK ;-)

  15. Sweet little spring stitches!!!! Hope you are enjoying your alone time :-).

  16. Oh yes, spring stitching is up. Me too I have already sorted out the patterns I want to do. Your starts are really great. And oh, these colours, very delightful.

  17. My mom always made us Easter dresses. I think one year we had matching ones. I just had to have a hat one year and got one with these little pinchy thinks to keep it on my head. Never wore a hat again!

  18. I love those sugar eggs, and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen one in a couple of decades.

    I used to always have to get a permanent for Easter. I refused when I was 10 and haven't had one since!

  19. Lovely new starts, Lee. Got Luck is so sweet. Any idea how you'll finish it?

    Have never seen a sugar egg before. Just Googled it. They looked pretty cool.


  20. Pretty Spring stitching! And I do remember patent shoes with white socks with lace trims. My sister and I always had matching/coordinating Easter outfits!

    Enjoy your Easter candy!

  21. I thought I was the only one that had those sugar eggs. Wow! Now why don't they make things like that anymore? My mother always made me a frilly easter dress and matching coat. I was the youngest and couldn't protest nearly as loud as my older sisters.

    Thanks for the memory lane trip - I am off to search for Cadbury mini eggs and maybe a sugar egg!