Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Back to start

Well, the phase of finishing things is over.  As I look in my stack of WIP's, there's nothing even close to being completely stitched.  Now I have a bunch of projects with a handful of stitches here and a handful there and none of them are turning me on at the moment.

So - - - of course - - - I had to start something new.  I've had this kitted up for a while and I was loving that vase of flowers. 

The fabric isn't really mottled.  I think those are shadows from the tree outside.

And I want to start another BAP soon.  Dave and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in a little more than one year, and I have the perfect Moira Blackburn sampler to stitch for him.  Yes.  For him.  And he will love it and he will lovingly hand over his credit card to have it framed.  That's what's kept me married to him for the past 29 years.  Well, it's one of many things.  But it's an important thing.

Otherwise, I might have to call Ryan Gosling for a date:

Jeez, yes, I've become addicted to Pinterest. At least for now...


  1. You're off to a great start on your piece. And you sound like me with the WIPs and none of them close. I just started four new ones. The men in the white coats are going to come for me soon I think!

  2. Good luck with those WIPs! I reaaly like the Ryan Gosling picture!

  3. Pretty start! There's nothing like a fresh piece of linen begging for that first stitch.

    I'm pretty sure that Ryan Gosling wants me. Oops, I was dreaming there for a minute!

  4. He sounds like a great guy Lee! Ryan does too :)
    There is nothing like starting something new. What is one more for the stack?
    Have a great weekend!

  5. That''s a great start, Lee. Lovely stitching, as always.

    I love those Ryan Gosling pictures. :D

  6. I love that pot of pretty purple flowers! The first part of your post sounds very familiar. :)

  7. Hi Lee! I've been a regular reader o (lurker) of your blog for some time now and yours is one of my favorites. I love your sense of humor and your stitching is gorgeous! Simple Joys is looking great, I did this one also. I have recently started a blog and would love it if you had a chance to visit.

  8. Great new start. Love the pot of flowers. We can never have to many WIP's.