Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I don't just sit around and think silly things

I stitch a little, too. At this point, after having a handful of "finishes" last month, I only have "starts" to show you.

Most of these starts are a result of a big....really, really big....craft room clean up day.  I wavered on the side of being mad at myself for accumulating such a mess of stuff, and on the other side of being really pleased with myself for collecting such beautiful stitching projects.

I'm going to stick with being pleased with myself.

First up, I had kitted up LHN's Simple Joys about a year ago.  Such a fun and sweet design.  Working on this is so relaxing.

Next, a Chessie and Me start. doesn't look like much yet, but it'll be cute soon.

And next is the very definition of the word "start".  Let's just hope it becomes the word "finished" by this time next year.  I love Moira Blackburn.

And if you're going to start a bunch of things, there will always be a friend or two who contributes to your Startitis.  This is the beginning of a Good Huswife Quaker design, loaned to me by Miss Linda.  She's being a troublemaker, now that tax season is more or less over.

And just in case you thought I was done thinking about this:


  1. Troublemaker huh? Hmmmmmm - okay, but tax season still has a ways to go before I can say it's over!

    Wow - you certainly started that chart quickly!!! Good for you. The colors Lee is using for the LHN are simply lovely. Seeing her work in person is a beauty to behold - that's for sure.

  2. I’ll swap your startitis for finishitis any day. :)
    Great selection of pieces, especially like the Moira Blackburn.

  3. Very delicate pieces. I'm sure you'll enjou stitching them. And you know, behind each finished there has been a very small start:-)

  4. Looks like you are going to be busy!!!! happy stitching...

  5. I enjoy your blog posts. Each time I visit I'm delighted. I recently was going thru 'stash' to donate - and unearthed some oldie-goodies. Tho, I haven't had finishes!

    If you want a good laugh, check out EGA Carolinas Region stitching terms (on their web site)

  6. Simple Joys is one of my favorite that of course, I haven't stitched yet, but it's one that I want to.

  7. I love your Simple Joys. I have the chart too. It's a beautiful design.

    Good starts you have there too.


  8. Wonderful starts. Do you rotate your stitching or just work on what catches your fancy?
    You are killing me with these Hey Girls :)

  9. Love your starts! I started a Chessie & Me one and I'm loving stitching it!

  10. Das wird weieder eine sehr schöne Stickerei.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  11. You can post as many of those "Hey Girl" graphics as you'd like...they have all been brilliant and made my smile!! =)

  12. Great projects!! Love the "Hey Girl"!!!