Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A lovely weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope you all had a weekend that was a nice as mine.  It certainly started off well, with a visit to the framers' to pick up Antique Sampler.  I had finished this back in March or some time around then.  I went with a very plain frame this time and no mat.  I like the results.

Then I zipped on over to visit with our Friday night Panera stitching group, because there's nothing better than unwrapping your newly framed sampler in front of your stitchy friends!  But wait!  There were other finishes in the group!

If you watch Pimp My Ride (or stitch while your significant other watches it....), you'll recognize Xzibit, the PMR host.  I love what our friend Mary did with this. 

And Nancy finished this beautiful Native American piece.  This photo doesn't do it justice, but I'll tell you that the fabric was a perfect choice for the design.
I had to work on Saturday.  Bleh.  We went garden supply shopping on Sunday.  And I spent some excellent stitching time on Monday.  All in all, a pretty nice weekend.

Oh, but here's something!  Thursday night I was downstairs and Dave was upstairs, when I heard him screech and then I heard pounding feet.  What the....?  I went flying upstairs in time to find him slamming the office door shut as if the devil himself was behind the door.  Well - almost.  There was a bat flying around in the room. 

(I started to write a long story about this bat, but even long after today's storms ended, our electric is still flickering, so I'm going to end here.)

Long story short, the bat is gone, but I'm still feeling a little hinky...


  1. I think your framing choices are perfect for your antique sampler. Simplicity works well. I'm not a big fan of mats with samplers, so I like no mat.

    Beautiful work from Mary and Nancy! I'm still not moved, so maybe I can make it back to stitch night before long.


  2. Your framed piece is lovely...bats! Have any idea how it got in?

  3. How scary! We had a bat in our house once when my boys were very young. Scared the youngest so bad he was shaking for hours afterwards! I have a long story about that bat too, but I won't go into it. Glad the bat is gone now!

  4. Love your framed sampler - so pretty! I did that one years ago and I still love the verse. Bats - ackkkk! I still remember one flying into my hair as a child. Hope you got rid of it.

  5. The simple framing certainly suits Antique Sampler. It's really pretty.

    :o Bat in the house? Yikes! Wanna read more though. It sounds like an interesting story ^.^


  6. EECK! I have been in a bat position like that before. Glad t hear that he is gone.
    What wonderful stitching. It looks like you have a great group.
    Perfect framing for your sampler too.

  7. Wonderful finishes! Good frame choice, too.

    Oh, bats! I am well versed. A nice thing about our new house is that there aren't mosquitoes because it's too breezy. Phew. We had way too many 'in the house' encounteres in the last house.


  8. Glad to hear the bat is a thing of the past, Lee--that is one thing I'm truly terrified of. We had tons of them when I was growing up--ugh!

    Lovely framed finish--I like it without a mat and I think you were smart to keep it simple since there is so much going on in that piece.

  9. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.

    Your sampler is beautiful!

    The other ladies projects are lovely too.
    I hope you managed to deal with the bat and that your electricity is back now.
    Happy stitching!

  10. I like bats just fine when they are outside eating lots of bugs, but inside would give me nightmares!
    Your framed piece is lovely!