Tuesday, June 05, 2012

June SBQ

Ryan needs to know, and wants you to answer this:

Do you stitch patriotic/national pieces (or maybe just pieces that represent a specific place)? What's your favorite?

(Thanks again CinDC!)


  1. Sooo funny! Not a question for me though. Feeling more European than enything else,
    I haven't seen any designs for that:-)

  2. I love, love, love patriotic pieces. hip,hip, hooray for the old red, white and blue!

  3. Since Ryan is asking...
    I really want to get my act together and focus on stitching up some patriotic pieces. Most of the samplers that I stitch are from a symposium that I have attended. Knowing more about where it was stitched makes it more interesting for me.
    Have a great week Lee!

  4. But see, a stitcher would NEVER allow someone so dirty inside their house. The risk of soiling a stitching project is just too dear. He could leave dirt somewhere that your stitching subsequently touches. Hence, the reason she met him right there at the door with her jacket all ready to go. Oh, wait. This isn't about Ryan. This is about answering the question. Wait. What was the question? Focus.

  5. I don't really stitch patriotic pieces, but I'd like to stitch at least one or two. I posted about it here:

  6. Oh that Ryan. I think I've changed my mind about him. I have stitched some patriotic pieces and given them away. I once stitched an old-fashioned flag for my brother-in-law. It was a bear but turned out really well. He love it.

  7. Look at that dirty shirt on Ryan! Let's ask him to take it off so it can be washed! :)

    I've not stitched any patriotic pieces but I do want to!

  8. ROTFLOL at Jackie!!

    I do stitch patriotic pieces (theoretically...not that I've finished any). I love to stitch pieces that represent places I've been as well. (Again, theoretically.)

    If Jackie gets Ryan to take the shirt off so it can be washed, maybe I can stitch a little something patriotic on might take me a while, though... ;)

  9. After y'all are tied up with the laundry, I'll help him into the tub so I can sponge off those dirty bits! GAH!

    Patriotic pieces - I actually just purchased a few from my LNS that had a display up for Memorial day. I am going to start with the little FOB from "Home of the Free" by Needlemade Designs. I don't have anything patriotic actually stitched and would like to have something to display for the Fourth of July.