Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Maybe not a wannabe any more

I may have turned the corner from being a Wannabe Quaker Sampler stitcher to being a stitcher who actually picks up her needle and stitches them. I'll bet many of us are like that. We luuuuuurve certain designs or themes and we collect them but the actual stitching is only in our imagination.

For instance, I collected botanical designs for a while. Never stitched one. And then I collected bird charts, specifically Crossed Wing Collection charts. If I'm being generous with myself, I could say that I stitched one.  But actually, it was a chart of just a feather.  So, ummm.  Not really a bird.  Just a bird part, really.

Then there were the Cross Eyed Cricket charts that I collected.  The ones with the chubby little angel characters?  To be stitched as an afghan.  Yeah.  No.

But anyway!  Focusing on the positive, here's my fourth Quaker finish! 

Good Huswife's Quaker Four Corners, on PTP's Doubloon, using HDF BeRedded silk.
This was such a relaxing thing to pick up and boy-oh-boy, I've needed something relaxing and orderly to keep me sane lately. And this design is nothing if not orderly.  Except that one smallish corner - the top left one.  But I'm not going to let it bug me.  I'm calling it authentic.

I'll tell you why I crave order. 

We've been emptying my MIL's house and moving furniture and it's more disruptive than I'd like to admit.  Some of the furniture is coming here and I feel like there are so many things in my home that are in a "just waiting" stage.  Clothes that need to be put away are "just waiting" for the dressers to arrive.  Beds are set up and are "just waiting" for mattresses.  Boxes of dishes and kitchenware are stacked in the living room "just waiting" to be delivered to my son and my daughter.  And seriously....that's just the tip of the clutter iceberg.  I long for that feeling when you dust off your hands and say, "Well, that's done!"

Thank goodness for my stitching. 


  1. Oh, dear, I feel your anxst at what is happening. I've been through a little of that over the past couple of years.

    I'm currently going through that on a small scale with my own things that had to move so that I can finally have a neat, functioning office/sewing room. Had to empty a double wide double drawer file cabinet so that it could move to another room. I'm going to take my time purging files rather than just putting things back in the drawers. In the meantime, I hope I don't need to find anything quickly.

    The payoff is a neat place for my sewing cabinet and machine. Also, I can escape to the relaxing world of stitching, knowing that what used to be a jungle has almost been tamed.

    Congratulations on your little Quaker finish. They are enjoyable, aren't they!


  2. Soon. Soon you will say"Well, that's done!" Have a good productive night.

  3. Hopefully the 'it's done'part' is there soon. Have at the moment a house full of things that I rescued last month when my parents moved:-)
    Good stitching you did. You know, there's two kinds of stash collecting. One is for the actual stitching, the other kind is simply for the joy of collecting and loving to have it.

  4. I love the quaker design. Red is such a good color for quaker :-)
    Hope your it's done day arrives soon. I like things to be orderly as well and I'm sure it drives you crazy like it does me. Hang in there and keep on stitchin'.

  5. Such a lovely Quaker! And yes I think stitching is the antidote for dealing with clutter and unfinished business. It is so nice that when a piece is stitched, it is done. Good luck with unloading the house. That's is never a fun time.

  6. Boy, could I relate to your comments about being a "collector" vs. a "stitcher" -- I keep to adding to my stash but am not getting very much of it stitched!

  7. Tolle Stickerei.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  8. Love your Quaker finish! Sorry about that upper left corner - that was the one that gave me the most fits too.

    If I didn't have my stitching and stashing, I'd be in the loonie bin and they do not allow scissors and needles there.

    Aaaahhhh - the waiting game of putting things away. It's the right of passage from chaos to calm.

  9. Congrats on the finish!! OK, that smaller corner would probably bother me, too...but it's a lovely design.

    Sorry for all the clutter. I am generally pretty messy, but knowing I could clean it up if I wanted to is much different than "waiting".

    LOVE hipster backpacker Ryan!!! =D

  10. Love that Quaker piece but Really Really love the piccie of Ryan!! Phew! ;)

  11. Love your way of calling the undone collections "wannebe's". Love your finished red quaker! Love that you've found a way for Ryan to talk to you! :0)

  12. Your Quaker finish is beautiful!! And Ryan can definitely put some of my things in his backpack. As long as he come by and brings it back when I need it.

  13. Your finish is so pretty. I do collect also. I just finally the other made a stack of stuff. I will never stitch. Now it is sitting in the floor of my craft room.. Hmmmm I will just move it around for a couple of months. I do know what you are going through... lol

  14. Your Quaker piece looks lovely. Red was the right choice, for sure.

    Your "It's done" day will come soon. ;)

  15. Great finish Lee! I love Quakers.
    I hope everything goes well with sorting out your MILs home and yours :)
    At least you have Ryan to keep you smiling :)

  16. Another beautiful finish, Lee! Would you believe I've never stitched a Quaker?

    I feel your pain with the house cleanout process. Just got back from the estate sale at my parents' home on Monday. Oh, the tears--not sure if I will ever be able to think of that house without tears welling up. Hang in there and enjoy those special pieces that will always remind you of your mother-in-law...

  17. Hey Girl, I love the red sampler! And I feel your pain about clutter. I've been cleaning out closets and packing up stuff for good will. I'm itching to get done so I can turn a corner of my family room into a craft area.

  18. I so related to your comment about stitching in your imagination. These days I feel like I'm doing too much of that and not enough real stitching.

  19. Congrats on your finish! Love the color! I hear you on the collecting ~ I may even be close to that fine line of hoarding...
    Stitching is my way to keep myself sane as well ~ it's my calming force...

  20. I love the Quaker stitching. The de-clutter will soon be done. It's easier when it's not your stuff.

  21. Lovely finish, Lee. BeRedded is such a gorgeous colour.


  22. Your sampler finish is great! Love it! I went through a huge Quaker phase for awhile and then just started buying the charts and not stitching them. I need to get back to them!

    Enjoy your weekend--I hear it's super hot over there. Our high will be 61 today!