Monday, June 25, 2012

Some progress, a class report and a pet peeve

I spent a wonderful two days taking two EGA sponsored classes from Pamela Darney. I honestly don't know where to begin! Pam teaches sampler making. The designs she brought and used for teaching were mostly all Quaker samplers with a few others tossed in, like a house sampler, a Pennsylvania German sampler and other ones whose names have escaped me. All were lovely to look at (and impossible to resist!), but the joy of the class was learning how to make samplers your very own. And not just Pam's samplers, but any sampler we may stitch by another designer, too. Some stitchers walked away ready to do their very own, start-from-scratch sampler. It was an awesome two days. We stitched, we ate some terrific meals and had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

BUT!  That brings me to my recent pet peeve.  I'm really tired of the whole "you guys" trend.  Arghhhhhh!  I mean, I understand it when people are speaking casually with each other.  As in, among friends.  And I understand it when entertainers use it.  Jimmy Fallon calls his audience "you guys" all the time and that doesn't bug me.  He's there to entertain me, not to interact with me.  But using the phrase "you guys", especially when talking to a group of women and when it's in a business situation....well, it sets my teeth on edge.  It's lazy.  It's sloppy.  It annoys the hell out of me. 

We stitchers - groups of women, with ages ranging from 50 - 70, were out to eat three times over the weekend, and two of those three times we were continually referred to as "you guys".  We were not guys.  Call us ladies.  Call us folks.  Or don't call us anything at all!  You don't need to say, "Are you guys ready to order?"  You can simply say, "Are you ready to order?".  Or "Is everyone ready to order?". 

Sometimes I want to get downright b*tchy and say something to the person who has just called me a guy.  I never do, but I sure do think it in my head. 

Besides that....they'd probably spit in my salad.

Moving on.  I don't have anything to show you from the class - that'll come later.  But Saturday evening after supper I put a few more stitches into LHN's Simple Joys.  It's a nice, simple carry-along project at this point, because I have very little counting left to do.


  1. I can handle 'you guys' but my well educated SIL who thinks very highly of herself ends all of her emails (and she says this too) with 'y'uns guys' You'uns is another of her wonderful pronouns. Shoot me!

  2. I don't like the 'you guys' saying either, I can understand how it gets under your skin
    I love your simple joys wip it looks lovely

  3. The sampler class sounds amazing. I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself. I love your simple joys piece.

  4. Eine schöne Stickerei.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  5. I just love this pattern
    Its so pretty & so true - the simple joys are so important!

  6. I grew up with "you guys" and don't really think about it at all, except when I hear someone down here use it, because it's more often "y'all" around these parts. "Guys" is used to mean "people" or "folks", not "men". Sorry it peeves you.

    Can't wait to see your class projects.

  7. I have to agree with you on the "you guys" thing. It drives me crazy (although with quite a few other things that people say).

    Your Simple Joys looks wonderful.

  8. I would love to attend a sampler making class. I have been wanting to design my own for so long.

    Your stitching is lovely!

    I understand your peeve about 'you guys'. Mine is "if you don't care" in place of "if you wouldn't mind" or "if you would, please". OF COURSE I what would you like me to do?

    Oops...I believe I may have vented a bit.


  9. Beautiful sampler!!

    I guess that growing up watching "The Electric Company" made me immune to being peeved about "you guys". =)

  10. 'you guys,' I hear you. It is sloppy and lazy. What's worse....constantly saying 'um' when speaking. But the one the really sets me OFF......only said by people who know you or think they do.....when someone says to me......"well, you know how you are". No, mr/mrs expert, you tell me how I am. I want to rip their head off and drop kick it.
    Sorry, I guess that is a tad extreme but it is my nails on the blackboard.

  11. Hey man, that's a ridiculous pet peeve. Just get over it, dude.

  12. Your class sounds wonderful! I never paid much attention to "you guys", but that could be because I am usually out with my three boys and husband! But now that you have pointed it out, I will have to take notice of it now. I can't stand whe my sons use "like" all the time in the middle of their sentences. You know, like, when like, they are like, telling me, like a story. ;)

  13. Hey Lee,
    I have the bad NY/NJ habit of saying you guys :) Maybe it is time to swap it out for the NC y'all :)
    I don't think I use the guys all that much.
    Your class sounds great.
    Lovely stitches!

  14. Beautiful stiching.

    We don't get alot of you guys around here so it soesn't bother me too much.

  15. LOL at your daughter's comment! I have to admit, you guys is a regular part of my vocabulary. I don't say it in professional/stranger company, but with my friends and family, it's you guys. My pet peeves relating to that are when my SILs, from two different parts of Ireland, use their Irish equivalent of my 'you guys'--"ye" or "youse". I want to scream when they do it and then go in the corner and itch my teeth so as to not punch theirs out. LOL Maybe they say ye and youse to get me to stop with the you guys. ROFLOL

    I LOVE your Simple Joys! I have that one to stitch but, of course, haven't yet. I love the colors in it.

  16. I tried commenting on this post from my Nook, but for some reason it didn't work. Sigh.

    But I love Pam. I've had 5 or 6 classes with her between EGA and the Loudoun Sampler Guild. I've got another class with her in July. Her color throwdowns are such fun! And another little secret, sometimes she joins my Thursday morning stitching group, when she's not too, too busy. She's so much fun to hang out with!