Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Working at home

It's a beautiful day and there's a cool breeze blowing and sitting at my desk is killing me.   See - I know I have reports to complete and deposits to make and all kinds of other work nonsense staring me in the face, so what do I do?  Procrastinate.  Upload photos.  Write a blog post.   That'll show 'em.

So!  Last week I picked up some framing.  There's a little guy named Matt at my local* Michael's, and he has a very good eye for color.  I think this frame suited the style and color of this Quaker perfectly.

*(local = within 40 miles)

Mary Garry's "Peace", stitched with GAST Weathered Barn

Frame detail

I'm obviously on a red kick these days!  Dear darling Linda lent me this chart from a pack of charts recently published by Good Huswife.  I'm stitching it on PTP Doubloon Jobelan with HDF silk (BeRedded). What a relaxing design!  And I even stitched the alphabet correctly this time!

And finally, here's my newest start, Moira Blackburn's "Scottish Love" sampler (go here and scroll down), which she calls a "Small Sampler", but really?  It's quite big.  I've changed the fabric from ivory to a PTP color, but I stuck with the good ol' sturdy DMC for stitching. 
Scrumptious colors!

You know, two things have struck me when I've been among stitching friends recently.  I've been thinking about these things a lot lately.  It's been running around in my head, so I'll share them with you.  And because I like lists, here we go:

1.  Stitching is not a race.  Although there are so many beautiful things in my stash that I can't wait to stitch, rushing through one to get to the next does not make me a happy stitcher.  And comparing my productivity to another stitcher's productivity can only make me unhappy.  I've been watching stitchers whose work I admire, and I noticed that they took their time with each and every stitch.  They didn't seem to do it only for the sake of perfectly executed stitches, but also because they were not in a hurry.  They attended every single stitch.  It's the way I want to be. 

2.  Sit back, admire your work and even clap your hands if you want to.  Recently I went to a quilting group, and there was a woman working on a wall hanging.  She was seriously concentrating up to that point and had finally finished cutting her applique pieces and put the pieces where they belonged on her fabric.  Then she stepped back, joyfully clapped her hands and said, "Oh, I love this so much!  I just want to stay up all night and work on it!"  Then recently at a stitching group, the gal sitting next to me had just finished a bit of stitching - a stylized letter stitched in silk.  She held it away from her and I heard her take in her breath and then say, "Oh, I just love this!"  And it was stunning!  I tend to become automated.  I stitch, stitch, stitch and then I wonder why I burn out on a project. I need to sit back and admire the work every now and then!

OK, that's enough procrastinating for one day.  I need to work now.  So I can get paid.  So I can frame some more stuff!

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Wunderschöne Stickereien.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. Your framed quaker is gorgeous.
    You are right....we do need to sit back once in a while and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a perfect frame for the Peace piece, Lee!!

    Had to smile at your point #2 on your list... I tend to "talk" to my pieces, especially if they're really tiny over-one stitched things (Oh, you're so cute!!)... Weird, I know--but it's nice to compliment your own work now and then!!

  4. The framed stitched piece is beautiful! Thanks for sharing about taking time to look and admire what we are stitching. I need to do that more when I stitch...

  5. Glad you took a "break" to post, Lee! Your framed "Peace" is gorgeous and I like the WIP too. Red + Quaker! Makes me want to dive into my stash to do that too!

    I like your two points about stitching. The second one - hmmm, maybe that's the secret: I need to talk to my stitching more!;-)

    Enjoy the rest of your 'work' day!

  6. Love your finish and all your pretty WIP's.

    I actually wish I stitched more slowly. My end product would be better. Plus I never know what to do do with my finishes... I have no space left and I've smothered my family and friends in stitchery so they almost run when they see me coming!

  7. I love both of your stitching points, Lee. Too many people get burnout--maybe because of self-imposed "rules". Love the idea of slowing down and admiring what we do :)

  8. Congrats on your newly framed piece! I am guilty of your #1 point - comparing what I get done to other stitchers I see online. It's a bad habit for sure and I keep telling myself to stop it. As much as I love blogging and sharing...somehow it seems to have added "pressure" in my mind to keep up. Silly isn't it.

  9. Beautifully framed Quaker. Fantastic points you have made, real food for thought actually.

  10. I am sitting in my lovely cube avoiding work as well. Would much rather be stitching!

    I love your Mary Garry piece. I have seen many of hers but don't own any since they are out of print. Will add this to the one day list. it is very nice.

    Thanks for the reminder to enjoy what we do. I am on a deadline to complete the pre-stitching for a fall class and it make me enjoy the project less.

    BTW - I get up and dance around like Rumplestiltskin when my borders on a sampler meet! My family thinks I am crazy.

  11. Beautiful frame for your beautiful stitches! Lovely wips too. Great points! Perfect points! I especially need to enjoy each and every stitch during the busy times like we are having right now, when my stitches are few and far between!

  12. Love the framed sampler! I agree we need to enjoy the process as much as we enjoy the product. Slow down and smell the roses and really see our stitches.

  13. I think you guys did pick a perfect frame for that Quaker. The other stitching is lovely.
    Great reality checks for our stitching. You nailed it!

  14. The Frame is perfect.
    Both Stitches are beautiful.

    Greetings Manuela

  15. Lovely framed piece and the new start looks like fall right now. I love the GH piece - could you tell more about the 'recently published' GH designs, please.

  16. Oh I know this sort of procrustination very well, Lee. Right now I should finish to prepare something for tomorrow's classes and I know exactly that it will still take a while until it's finsihed, but what am I doing? reading blogs and commenting. Oh well.
    I see that you started a new Moira Blackburn sampler. I love her work and this one is very beautiul. Happy stitching on it. And I agree fully with what you say about our hobby..

  17. You're right about your framer's eye for color - that is gorgeous! And thanks for the reminder to focus on the pleasures of stitching and the joy it brings me.

  18. LOVE your framing!! Great choice on the moulding. Your WIPs are fantastic, too--I love that PTP linen!

    Great reminder about stitching and enjoying it, doing it for the enjoyment. Sometimes I feel like I'm rushing to stitch something so that I can show stuff on my blog. During my slump I realized that nobody other than me is paying attention to how long it takes me to do something because *I* don't pay attention to how long it takes others to do their thing. I'm just happy to see stitching, kwim? So, take time to enjoy it.