Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don't worry, Ryan

I know, I'm late, late, late. The fireworks are over. But this little freebie kit I received from my dear, darlin' Sue was too cute to leave languishing in a WIP box till next year. I've actually finish-finished it as a scissor fob, but who knows what happened to that photo...

LK Freebie on 36 ct red linen with DMC
Summer plods on here at the house near the ex-lake.  We're just back from a trip south to take my son some furniture for his new digs.  It was a nice trip, even if it was to Georgia... in July.  But like most mothers, I'd happily tolerate visiting the surface of the sun a hot climate in the summer to see one of my kids.  Otherwise....Don't even ask me what I'm doing lately.  It's either:  a) too boring for words, or b) totally whiny.  But I'm certainly not getting much good, quality stitching time, that's for sure. 

Ryan would be so upset with me. 

All right Ryan, all right.  I'll stitch a little.  And then maybe while I'm stitching I'll come up with some interesting things to write about. 


  1. Love your Hey Girl. And the red fabric - I've never seen red fabric!

  2. Sweet finish! Listen to Ryan, he knows what he is talking about :)

  3. Ryan only wants what's best for you, dear!

    The little firecracker in black & white is awesome and the fabric matches perfectly. Hunt down that finish-finished photo!

  4. Great fabric for that cute patriotic finish, Lee. Glad the trip down south went well--can't imagine being down there this time of year!!

    P.S. (Loving your Hey Girl photos!!)

  5. Hey, Girl. Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance? One of the contestants looks quite a bit like Ryan from certain angles. Love your fireworks, too!

  6. Love your little patriotic finish! What are you going to finish it into? You can never have too many cute stitchy pieces. :-)

  7. Oh great, Ryan's back. And I'm sure you wouldn't want to disappoint him, would you? Lol.