Saturday, July 21, 2012

POP! and thoughts on my grey hair

KInda self-explanatory... but super cute, huh?

Right now I'm working on a baseball jersey to take to tomorrow's Stitch and Pitch!  I'm really looking forward to a nice day at the ballpark with some stitching ladies and a few of our husbands.  (We're also bringing a big bag of cash with us so that we can each buy a beer.)

Now, as for the hair:

Some of you may remember that two years ago, I decided to stop coloring my hair.  Since then, I've gone through quite a hair color transition, one of which was an identical match to WDW London Fog floss.  Believe me, it wasn't pretty.  But my hairdresser convinced me to soldier on and not give in to the panicky feeling that starts with looking in the mirror and thinking, "Oh my God, I'm SO grey!"  By now all the dyed parts have been cut from my hair, and the final result is that I'm all grey on top and brown beneath.  But it's mine and I love it.  Usually.

Because sometimes it's not easy.  Like when I'm with my family and I'm the greyest one in the room.  My mother and sisters are blonde.  Not natural blondes, though.  Although it was my mother's fondest wish to have blonde children, she soon discovered that we were all mouse-y brown, so she needed to start using Sun-In on our hair at a crazy-young age.  (yes, they still make it).  And she dyed her lovely, thick, chestnut-colored hair blonde and then never went back. I never understood that, but I suppose I've made hair and fashion choices that puzzle the heck out of my daughter, too.  Anyway, my sisters have kept up the tradition and keep their hair quite blonde.  My brothers are probably grey, too, but they sport buzz cuts, so who the heck knows?  It also doesn't help that actually AM the oldest sibling and my hair absolutely yells that fact.

And then the other day, a woman came into the office at the auto body shop, and none of the fellows recognized her.  She had gone from brown to blonde, but told them she had decided that it was time to stop coloring her hair and look her age, because, after all.....she was 60.  Really?  And suddenly I felt old, because I'm not even on the sidewalk to 60, let alone knocking on that door, and I'm probably much more grey than she is under that blondness.

None the less, just remembering the hassle of hair coloring and looking back at the photo of me with that variety of shades on my head - well, it gives me the shivers.  So I'm going to continue to embrace my grey.  Oldness be damned!


  1. I have had some grey since I was 19...colored my hair for too many years to remember. The best decision was to let it grow natural....yes some will have an opinion, but it is who we really are...stick to it.

  2. I'm 61 and love my gray. Just do what makes you happy and ignore the naysayers.

  3. Pop is adorable! Great finish.

    As for the hair color - I think you summed it all up well. Not much to add.

    My color job has washed out once again but I am not into the gray/white showing. Shoot at 44 should I even have this much white? It's just pure laziness that my white is showing.

  4. "Pop" is a cute little piece.

    I'm all for the "if it feels good, do it" philosophy. Dying hair or not is an individual choice (at least for now... I'm never sure when Congress will legislate that choice away!).

  5. I used to color my hair too. I was platinum blonde at one point. I haven't colored my hair now in years. I have earned everyone of those gray hairs and I'm proud of them all.


    Oh...cute finish!

  6. I'm cheering for you, Lee. I did the same thing about 4 years ago now. I am not all grey yet but pretty patchy so I have been growing them out with the help of "low lights" which help even this out a bit so I don't like spot the dog.

    You know it's all culture and perception. We are "told" to keep young as long as possible but at what point is it ok to be old? I've seen eighty year olds who have a head of dark hair and that doesn't look right.

    Anyway, do what makes you happy. The best "Beauty" of all is a Smile from the Heart. (Hey that should be on a Hallmark card!)

    ps Cute ornament!

  7. I've been "turning" grey since my 20w and once, a hairdresser asked me if I wanted to color it (I was in my mid-30s at the time) and I said NO!, mainly because I'm too lazy to keep it up! And he said bravo!

    It was salt-and-pepper for some time but has gone pretty much all grey now and I don't mind it a bit. After all, my brother, who is a year younger than I, is WHITE and has been for over a decade! And at nearly 70, I can't help but think there is something sad about having obviously dyed hair at my age!

  8. I have had grey in my hair for decades already, and I'm not even 60 yet! My hairdresser is very complementary, he always says people pay good money to get their hair to look like mine. I have never wanted to use that much chemical on my skin so I had never changed my hair, I figure this is how God made me!
    Stay strong!

  9. Pop looks lovely made up. Your finishing is great!

    I'm with you on hair's grey all the way for me!

  10. Congrats on your POP finish!

    I tried to remain a brunette until my hair was so white, I was having to touch it up almost weekly. Went natural 4 years ago and refuse to go back. I can't believe the amount of free time I gained!

  11. Good for you, I'm sure you look great. I've got the opposite problem. My hair started to get darker when I hit fifty and it doesn't look right against my skin tone. Nature intended us to go grey so I don't know what's gone wrong with me:-)

  12. Love "Pop" it's so cute! Hey, soldier on with your 'natural' hair color. You are not alone though I'm sure it sometimes feels like it. I went to my 30th college reunion last year and I think I was the only woman who was not coloring her hair. But as a 'survivor' I don't want all the chemicals leaching into the skin right next to my brain - yuck!

  13. My father went silver in his early 40s, and I've been transitioning since I was 28. I'm coloring my hair until I die. But more power to you.

  14. I'm almost 56 years old. I found my first grey hair at age 14. My mom started letting me get my hair "frosted" (see, told you I'm old!). I colored it off and on until five years ago when I realized how much silver I have in my hair. Now my hair is silver on top and brown underneath. I love it! I get so many compliments on it. I sometimes regret it when I'm with family and friends and I'm the ONLY one with grey hair, but those regrets pass quickly. I earned this hair (and every wrinkle that I have too) and I'm proud of it. POP turned out so cute!

  15. I love my gray hair--I'm just wishing mine would do what my mother's did at the age I am now--it was silver and gorgeous! Oh, well, maybe eventually it will get there.

  16. Pop is cute! As for the grey, I cover mine. I do think it is easier for those with lighter color hair to transition. When you have really dark hair, the grey just screams at you!

  17. No picture of your hair? Any complaining falls on deaf ears over this way, anyhow. My grandmother went gray early but my own mother, at 71, has no gray hair....her 3 daughters? Gray, gray, gray. What luck.


  18. Love the Pop!

    Give us a glimpse of the reveal, won't you?

  19. I am 43 with white coming in for a few years now. It is hard being the only female in the family on both sides who does not color her hair.

  20. POP really pops on that red fabric--such a great finish, Lee!!

    I started graying in my early 30s so began coloring then. Doubt if I'll quit till I'm an old woman. I don't think I would have that pretty colored gray/silver hair that some people are lucky enough to get as they age!

  21. Looks like you touched on a red hot topic.

    I went au natural back in 2000. And then in 2009 I cut my hair and started dyeing it again. Now I'm thinking of going back to my natural color. I started dyeing again because there was too much dark and not enough gray/white. I'm hoping I'm further along on the gray scale and I can just let it go. We'll see.

    Love Pop, too!

  22. Ha! Love your post. I am so wishy washy on this subject! I will turn 60 in November and that is when I said I would stop with the coloring. Sure would save me some bucks 'cuz there's no way I will color my own hair. Now I'm scared to do it! And my hairdresser, unlike yours, certainly doesn't encourage me to stop coloring.

    Pop is cute!!!

  23. I just have to add something. I was waiting on a customer recently that just had an "old" look about her. Old looking hair, clothes, makeup etc. I asked her if she qualified for the 60+ discount. No she said, I'm only 55. And her hair was completely brown! At least she didn't express any anger but I bet she thought about it for awhile.

  24. Love POP! Your hair looks great! Personally, I'm on the slippery slope to 60 and I get highlights in part of my hair and the rest is natural - couldn't do this if I didn't have a great stylist. I noticed underneath though that I have a huge swath of white.

  25. Hello Lee,

    Just came across your blog. I to have not coloured my grey hair, after reading that the dye can still be found in your body six months after you have dyed it alarm bells rang big time. I think we have far to many toxins in this world and why should I put myself through this for the sake of looking less grey. The fun part is knowing that most woman your age are grey underneath!!!

    I actually found your blog by seeing your lovely sunflowers in the post above. Well done, sunflowers are a favourite of mine.

    Happy days.