Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunflowers always brighten a day!

Earlier this spring, I dipped my toe into the pool of English Paper Piecing. Ho my! How addicting! So then I thought I'd love to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt.

Yeah. I was completely delusional.

I scaled down my expectations and thought I'd hand piece a table runner.

Still delusional.

Finally I decided that little pincushions were more my speed.  So I sewed these up and sent them on their way to my favorite Kansas Stitching Girls.  Oh, except I added orange rick-rack at the last minute. 

Those sunflowers make me smile!  The one in the middle shows the fabric I used for backing them.

So....I went to Stitch N Pitch last Sunday at PNC Park.  We had so much fun watching our Pirates - even if the knitters outnumbered us by like....ten to one!  And that's even counting our husbands.  I took a neat little design I found on Etsy and stitched away on a Willie Stargell jersey.  It was perfect because it was so simple and small.

Next year we have big plans for a tailgate party and matching t shirts.  We have to keep up with the knitters and if we can't match their numbers, we'll just have to have more fun per person!   (Nikki, if you come, we'll set up the cornhole game...)


  1. The pincushions were done by English paper piercing? My head is not working this afternoon. Sorry to be so dense. However you did them - they are way too cute! Love the sunflower fabric. And thanks for the tip on the jerseys - my twins will love Clemente!

  2. Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Fiorenza (Fiore for my friends) from Italia. I came on your blog from Needles Pins and Dragonflies. I like it and your works so much! So I'll come and take a look around to learn something new. If you you like, come on my blog.
    A big hug from Italia.

  3. Very cute pincushions!!

    That is so cool that you have a group of stitchers (and knitters) attending games. I think I'd be so wrapped up in the game that I would lose count or forget to stitch altogether, lol!!

    Oh, and the jersey design is cute.

  4. I have absolutely no idea what paper piecing is...even though I am English! I will have to look that one However, the little pin cushions are beautiful. I love sunflowers, we have a sunflower growing competition between the 4 of us each year.

    Lovely finishes!!

  5. I am not playing bean bag toss. Not until people stop calling it that.

  6. Your Pincushin are very beautiful.

    Greetings Manuela

  7. Beautiful! You did an excellent job.

    I think I'm content with the little bit of English paper piecing I did earlier this year. I might try it again one day, but goodness it is fiddly!

  8. Please, please, can I come next year? I promise to stitch!
    I love EPP, when I did a sampler quilt out at that lovely quilt shop sadly no more towards Route 8, hmm it was a long time ago, the lovely Teacher showed us machine piecing for it. No, no, no, much easier by hand and a nice take along project!

    Will have to nip over to Shebafudge and give her a little demo, she is not too far away!

  9. Love your pincushions Lee :-)

  10. Love those! they are so cute!

  11. So you have creative delusions, too! Never enough time or energy for everything. However, your little pillows are darling. Nice alternate project.


  12. They are so lovely, your pincushions. I definitely love the fabrics you used for them.