Monday, October 01, 2012

Stitching Bloggers Question(s)

 Because I've spent minimal time on my blog for the past few months, I haven't put up any of the monthly Stitching Bloggers Questions.  As usual, even though she's a super busy mom, CinDC has been kind enough to pass questions along to me.  So here are three months worth that I've been holding for you:

Dog Days of August: Does the weather affect your ability or desire to stitch? Do you work on different projects in heat or cold?

September transitions/occasions: Birth and wedding samplers abound. Have you ever stitched a piece for a different commemorative occasion, like starting school or graduating? A death sampler? What's the oddest one you've seen or stitched?

October bounty: What's your favorite fruit or vegetable related stitching?

Are you pecking about on your blog, trying to come up with something to post?  Then let the SBQ help.  Think on any or all of these and then right about it on your blog!


  1. Posted to the LJ Cross stitching community.

  2. I stitch a LOT of baby announcements - almost to the point that these days, I don't seem to stitch anything else! I don't like the pre-packaged patterns, though, and since I spend a lot of time on them, I figure I should enjoy doing them. I've stitched pirates, quilt patterns, boats, dandelions, owls in spaceships, 1920s Flappers, frogs, and right now I'm stitching a llama. The fun part is that I know these kids will never see another announcement quite like theirs.

    I did do a pattern for my brother-in-law's graduation from college - I stitched the Marquette University seal for him. Of course, being a boy, I'm not entirely sure what he did with it....!

  3. August: I stitch all year 'round, but tend toward Christmas-ish patterns in the last quarter of the year. Mostly because I'm stitching my yearly set of ornaments for the family then.

    September: I stitched Ink Circles' Friendship Star pattern to commemorate a friend achieving her Master's degree. I put her name, her new title and the date of the graduation in a nice backstitch font above and below the start.