Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm determined!

Ya know....there was a time when I was a pretty decent blogger. And I seem to have complained about not blogging all through 2012, but then I did precious little about it.   What the heck happened?

I was going to blame it all on Dave, aka the Computer Hog.  Ever since he more or less retired from the pharmacy business back in March, he's been home a whole lot more and that means sometimes I have to arm wrestle him for computer time. 

You see, earlier this summer, Dave opened a hobby shop.  You know, model and toy trains, rockets, remote control cars and other assorted stuff.  You can go HERE if you want to see his web page.  So he works at the store for part of the day, then comes home and sits down at the computer for the rest of the day.  He says he's working, but I think he's really just Googling all kinds of hobby stuff for his own personal enjoyment and calls it "work".  Riiiiight.

I'm actually very happy for him.  I'm happy that he's taken the big plunge into this and finds it so enjoyable and exciting that he works on it from home.  Dave is a great retailer and I'm sure that between his excitement and his experience, this will be a good thing.  Even if he is hogging our home computer.

But then today he told me....listen to this....he's started a hobby shop blog.  And he's posted to it twice already.  This is serious.  And now I'm determined to post more because I can't let him outdo me in the blog world!  Call it my competitive nature and my need to win.  Even if it's all in my head. (My daughter would call it that).  Call it whatever you will.  I just hope that in a couple of months I don't have to call it Yet Another False Start.

Maybe it would help me to write if I have a theme, at least for a little while.  How about a month of Santas?  Some stitched, some not.  I'm going to try this theme on for size and see if I can spark this blog a little.

Let's start with one of my favorites, stitched by my dear friend Barb in 2009.  This Santa says it all, doesn't he?  Time!  We just need more time! 


  1. sweet of you to post that photo! Maybe I will resuscitate my poor old blog too. But I make no promises!

  2. Maybe a second computer would solve the 'sharing ' problem. It solved a lot of time issues around here. :-)

  3. Yes, we got a lap top a few years ago. With the three teens and my husband and I, we almost had to.

  4. You know, you could get a second computer. Or a tablet. Or a smart phone to blog from. But even then, I know, one will become the "good" computer and the two of you will fight over that one.

    Next month, I will join you in the month of Santas! It will be a blast!

  5. LOL, sounds like you need your own laptop ;-)!!!!!! Sweet little ornament.

  6. That is a wonderful Santa! I am looking forward to your challenge, I have missed your posts!

  7. Why I haven't stitched this one yet is beyond me--I've had it in my stash for years!! Barb did a wonderful job on it, didn't she?