Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shepherds Bush Santas

I couldn't get enough of Shepherds Bush designs in the 1990's.  I loved everything about them - the thread colors on creamy ivory linen, the whimsical characters, the lovely vines.  Loved them.  Then time passed.  I had another baby.  My stitching time was pretty much non-existent and when I got back to stitching again, my tastes had changed.

So I missed lots of really great SB designs, including their sweet Christmas stockings. One of the stocking designs has an adorable Santa figure.  Here it is, stitched by Miokka and posted on her blog, Gone Stitchin' Instead of Just A Wishin'

You can see more photos and the entire stocking when you go visit Miokka's blog

I love so many things about this Santa.  The charms, the vine on his jacket, the plaid pants, the bell on his hat.  But I know that if I started stitching these, it would be a slippery slope.  I have friends who've stitched several  SB stockings as gifts, and it didn't take too long before they became known as the Damn Stockings. 

So I think I'll just admire them from afar.  Unless someone wanted to stitch one for me.  Then I'd admire it real up close!


  1. Hi Lee.

    Glad that you are posting again. I've missed you.

    I agree, the Shepherd's Bush pieces are so nice. I too, have admired them, but unlike you, I haven't stitched a one of their designs...

  2. I've stitched a bunch of them. If you concentrate, you can get one done in three weeks. The charms are extraordinarily expensive but really make the project. Of course, we aren't doing stockings this year because my BIL doesn't have one. The ones I did for immediate family I did on Adams originals premade stockings (which are horribly sewn, btw). The ones I did for my cousin's family (on the called for linen) are HUGE in comparison. So basically to do one for BIL, I'd have to remake all of ours. {Sigh} I'll have to see about that...

  3. I have stitched so many I lost count. Some I use their beads on, some I improvise. A few I have left them off altogether.

    They take about 2 weeks to stitch at 2 hours stitching per day (and yes, I have LOTS of practice). They are well worth the time, as they always look nice. You can even switch the santas and motifs around easily.

  4. Welcome back - I love reading your posts!

    I stitched one SB stocking as a model for a shop,"Harry's" - it was kind of fun - that big fabric and perle cotton moves along pretty quickly. But, I do not intend to make one for everyone in the family, as you noted.

    However, your post and photo got me thinking - if a person could find a reasonably priced used chart - you could stitch just the Santa part - on a smaller count fabric - that might be kind of cool, to have a little collection of your favorites!

    Anyway, happy blogging!

    Mary in MN

  5. I bought this pattern on my honeymoon to make into a stocking for the baby we were trying to make. Well the baby is done and at school now. Apparently cross-stitch is more difficult than child bearing and rearing. Or maybe they are just counter-productive? I still bring SB Santa out from time to time and one day when he's done (ha ha) I am going to frame him instead of turning him into a stocking.