Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back up the truck

One of these days soon, the Needlework Hoarders truck is going to pull into my driveway and gloved workers and a camera crew will spill out and walk up my path.  Then I'm going to be that person who peers out her front door, clearly perplexed at why anyone would want to remove any lovely stitching items from her house.

Things are getting bad, people.  Really bad.  And it's got me thinking.

On TV Hoarders, they're always postulating that the hoarder in question has had some issue with loss or some other deep seated emotional problem that won't let them stop buying or bringing home stuff.  But I know that's not my case.  So there must be something else.  What makes me buy designs, threads and fabric when I know that my current stash will last WAAAAAAAY beyond my lifetime?  And my current stash is all stuff that I genuinely like, because I weed out my supplies and donate the unloved stuff every single month, like clockwork. 

OK, so what makes buying more stash so darn irresistible? 

I've given this a lot of thought and when I was having dinner with a couple stitching buddies of mine, I aired an idea out. 

My friends tried to tell me that stash is just a "collection" and that sifting through our stashes and fondling the wonderful threads and fabrics is enough to make us keep adding to our collections.  And I kind of get that, but I don't think I can get the collecting mentality to work for me if the rationality of it feels faulty.  In my opinion, needlework designs and supplies are meant to be used, not collected.  So my brain has to make some kind of psychic leap to explain why I keep adding to my stash.  

Here we go...

I buy cross stitch stash because in my head, I believe that I've already stitched it. It's so sensible.  I don't have to fret about when I'll actually ever stitch something because in my head, it's already completed.  It's a wonderful type of self-deceiving rationalization. 

Should I round out my collection of BBD monthly mini stockings?  Why, certainly!  Because - voila!  My mind thinks that just by purchasing them, I've actually finished them.  No need to feel guilty about this, because they're already mentally done. (I've actually stitched two of them.  Two of....38?  Yeah, that sounds right)

I can't think of any other explanation.  Because in other parts of my life, I am so NOT a hoarder.  There's nothing I love better than clearing crap out of my house.

Well.  Except nice china dishware.  It seems to multiply magically.  And cookware.  But let's stop right there, ok? 

And now it's almost the end of the year.  I may not be back to my blog for a couple days, so I'll wish you all A Happy New Year.  May 2013 be filled with happiness and health and lots of time for stitching and if you want to buy some new stash this year, you have my blessing.  Because guess what?  In my head, you've already stitched it!


  1. I hear ya, Lee! I do the same thing. I have mental rooms completely decked out in the gorgeous, stunning samplers I've mentally stitched and framed. I have mental ornament baskets full with delightful smalls I've stitched and finished. I mentally gift friends on all their special days with those charming little quickies that I snap up when I see one that reminds me of someone I hold dear.

    My other theory is that I cannot die or lose my sight till I stitch everything I have. I'm immortal.

  2. I know for me, I vastly under estimate the time it will take to stitch projects. So while I know it's not already stitched, I think it will take a month. Reality is, my thoughts are not that much different in terms of time than yours. I've only been stitching a couple of years and am very restrained on purchasing and I still have waaaay too much.

  3. lol! I really like that justification. For me, it is a combination of being darn tired of things being out of print/company gone out of business when I finally decide to buy something, along with all the potential that my stash represents.

    I'm going to need a lot more walls, though, if your theory is right. lol!

  4. I like this post and the comments are good too. I can sleep peacefully now knowing that I'm not alone about this stash thing.
    I'll look forward to 2013 with a whole different outlook while I wait for the LNS to open again after holidays. Thank you Lee :)

  5. I know what you mean! I think I have the same delusions that I've already stitched up those projects. Do the same thing with exercise. You mean thinking about it and doing it are two different things???

  6. I used the excuse that it was for my retirement - but at this point I could stitch 24/7 for two lifetimes and not get it all done. So now it's my retirement 'fund' if you see the prices some people get for old OOP charts! Wait - those are the ones I want - not that I HAVE. LoL. and except books, beads, yarn...

  7. I'm relieved to know that I am not alone in this stash thing.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Love this post! This is so true.

  9. Oh, you and I are along the same wavelength here with our stitching. Re the stash hoarding, mine is more that I'm afraid when I want to stitch something it will be OOP. That's my excuse for hoarding. However, I have lately been seeing Insanity nudging at me and saying "really, haven't you got it all now?" NO!

    I also love Barbara's comment about being Immortal - oh yeah!

    Happy New Year, Lee! Looking forward to more great posts from you in 2013 - no pressure though!

  10. Too funny Lee, I think you're onto something!

    As for myself, I tend to buy stash purely on speculation that I just might actually stitch it....someday. There's always a picture of myself, thoughtfully scrounging through the piles of charts, threads, linens - what have you - and landing on the "perfect" thing, whatever that might be. If I don't buy whatever it is on speculation of that image, I won't have the "perfect" thing, even though I don't have the slightest idea of what in the world that might actually be?!

    Some would say it's a sickness....

  11. Well, hmmm. An interesting thought about why we buy the stuff. I felt overwhelmed by my stash last year so I decided not to look at the online shops anymore. That was a big help but then I also started looking at the picture with a critical eye. Did I really see myself stitching that horrible looking tree...or that vast sea of white....or ANOTHER house? (I'm really tired of stitching houses.) I still bought more than I could stitch in a year but, right now, I feel such a sense of relief. It's like a burdon has lifted....just knowing that I didn't over do the stashing.


  12. Oh, and I forgot to mention the give-a-way I did earlier this year. I bagged up a bunch of things I knew I'd never stitch and gave it away. The idea was for the winner to pick what she wanted, add to the bag, and give it away. I know it travelled to a 2nd person via another give-a-way but then I never saw it posted about again. If you do this, I'll be sure to enter. AND...I'll promise to continue the give-a-way.


  13. Ah yes, the stash. I have a nice box of stitching magazines I plan to get rid of, but keep checking it over and over again just IN CASE there's something I want to stitch. But how nice to know, that according to you, I've stitched it already! That does make me feel better. ;)

  14. I'm going with fondling the collection even though I am also not a hoarder in real life. Seriously little clutter around this joint. But I do like the idea that I've stitched these four-hundred-some-odd charts already! Done and done.
    Happy new year!

  15. Lee, love this post! My goal for this year is to reduce my stash by one bag--just one. Of course, I'm going to have to find a bag that only has 2 projects in it, LOL!