Friday, December 07, 2012

Santa Candle

Do you remember the Santa figures that you had in your house when you were a child? My mom had one - it sat on the fireplace hearth every Christmas. He was just a rubber squeak toy, but we loved him. And when you have five children and two crazy Irish setters running around a small house...a  Rubber Christmas is probably your safest bet. I sure wish I had a picture of him, though.

 I bought this little Santa candle the first year we were married. I love the way that the candle lights up this sweet Santa's face.

My time is short today, but I have more to say, so I'll be back tomorrow.  Right now, I'm off to shop in the rain.  Better than snow, though!


  1. My parents had a set of similar candles --- they would classify as near-antiques now, if I knew who had them or where they were --- and I remember that some, having been stored in boxes in the attic every year, were someone melted and deformed! but they were ALWAYS out at Christmas, deformed or not!

    Ours were NEVER lit! Are yours?

  2. My sister inherited Mom's circa 1960's wax choral kids and Santa. LOL. And her bubble light Santas.