Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sue's Santas

I'm only mildly successful at setting stitching goals and actually achieving them.  In 2009, I thought I'd stitch a new yearly PS Santa card every Christmas from now until....well, I guess until forever.  Actually, if we have a zombie apocalypse and these designs stop flowing, I have enough yearly Santa charts, thread and fabric to get me through several years of stitching these fellows.  Hey....a girl needs to relax after running from zombies all day.

Must. Learn. to Count. and Run. at the Same. Time.

 But I'm getting off topic here.  And probably watching too much Walking Dead.  Anyway, I stitched this one in  2009.

Then this one in 2011
So I guess it's more like every-other-year.

And here's my Kansas friend Sue, who has actually stitched every single yearly Santa, and even had the sense to leave some spots blank for future years. 

Don't worry Sue.  If the zombies come to Kansas, I'll rescue your Santas, too. 


  1. One of my girlfriend's stitches the PS Santa every New Year's. Her display of them is just wonderful.
    Your Zombies are funny!!

  2. What a great collection of PS Santas your friend Sue has stitched. You've stitched more than I have!

  3. LOL! :) Thank you for making me smile this morning!
    And your goals...very much like mine !

  4. Girl, there is no such thing as too much Walking Dead!! LOL

    But, back to the REAL reason for your post, the PS Santas--LOVE. I always set these goals for myself, always ridiculous, but always I believe they are manageable. Every Saturday I will start a new PS Santa. Every month I will stitch a PS Santa. Every year I will have so many PS Santas that I will need to have a tree devoted solely to them. My PS Santa finishes will be so noteworthy that the county council will erect a sign on my front lawn so that all the citizens of the county will recognize my PS Santa stitching prowess. How many PS Santas have I stitched this year? Zero. Actually, I might have one WIP somewhere. Egads.

    I love how you finished off yours! And your friends' Santas--oh my gosh. I am so impressed.

  5. I just love those big Santa pillows--need to stitch them myself some day... Amazing quilt by Sue--I'll bet it was even more special to see in person!

  6. Oh no, I don't have any PS Santas but now I want them! Your finished ones look great and I love the idea of the quilt.

    At least you'll have your scissors with you if zombies are chasing you - just make sure you clean them off before using them again!
    Can't believe we have to wait until February.