Monday, January 28, 2013

TWO finishes!

I was so pleased to add these two seasonal projects to my DONE list! I wish you could see the sparkly blending filament I used for the wrapped presents in this Brittercup design.  This little cutie was in an older JCS ornament issue.  As usual though, it's far from ornament sized. It's about 5 x 5, and that may be a good size if you're decorating a gigantic tree, but not my little pencil tree.  So he's going into a frame.

Can you kind of see the sparkliness here?
And....tah-dah! I finally finished PS Winter Wind!  All that snow stitching at the bottom almost did me in.  I kept whispering to myself, "How many more rows are left to stitch?"  But that's the nature of Prairie Schooler designs, isn't it?  Great designs that look simple and quick but take much longer than you originally thought!

I mentioned earlier that I had converted many of the threads from DMC to overdyeds. I think it was worthwhile in some ways and kind of a waste in others.  But if you're interested and thinking of using overdyeds for your own Winter Wind, here's my list:

White:  WDW Whitewash*
422 Cream:  WDW Straw*
640 Gray:  Same
898 Dark Brown:  WDW Chestnut
927 Light Blue:  CC Petite Maison*
3023 Light Gray:  Same
3362 Green:  WDW Blue Spruce
3371 Brown Black:  GAST Dark Chocolate
3768 Blue:  Same
3777 Red:  WDW Lancaster Red
3830 Pink:  WDW Bluecoat Red*
3862 Brown:  GAST Walnut

*If I ever stitch this again, I'd skip the overdyeds for these colors.  Either the thread was used in such tiny amounts that using an overdyed just wasn't worth it, or because the color just didn't work.  Like where I used WDW Whitewash.  It appears yellowish in places.  And yellow snow was really bumming me out... for obvious reasons.  So after I put in a couple lengths of thread, I switched to good old reliable and uncomplicated DMC White.

And now I've put away winter and Christmas and I'm back to stitching my Moira Blackburn sampler.  Here's where I left off in November, and I'm not much further along as of last night.

In other news, one thing has led to another and my daughter has an interview this week with a magazine she really wants to write for.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her, and if some of you could keep your fingers crossed too, I'd sure appreciate it. 

Last Friday's stitching with friends was cancelled because the weather wouldn't cooperate.  If this keeps up, I'm buying a dog sled.  I'll wrangle my neighbors' stupid collies into harnesses and yell MUSH.  Because I love those ladies just that much!


  1. Great stitches!
    Best of luck to your daughter.

  2. Love your finishes Lee! I'm still messing around with the hunt sampler. My one stitch miscounts are making me nuts! Sure hope Colleen's interview goes well. I will be sending good thoughts her way.

  3. Both finishes look great! Hoping for the best for your daughter.

  4. Great finishes. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my - love your finishes!! You did a wonderful job with your PS Winter Wind conversion - I am saving it for the future. If I have the threads lots of times I'll swap out some of the DMC's for overdyes too. As you said, sometimes it's not worth it though. Some charts will list an overdye and then you find out there are like 5 stitches done in it.

    I'm always amazed at how with such simple stitches the Brittercup designer can do such a cute kitty. Bravo!

  6. Lots of finishing going on over there! Yes, I can see sparkle in the blue and green. Love the boldness of Winter Wind, and the Moira Blackburn is looking nice, too. Some of my favorite colors!

  7. YAY!!!! Super cute!!!! I really love that cat.

  8. Love the bright colors used in the Brittercup and the colors you chose for the PS alphabet too.

  9. Wonderful finishes.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  10. Such a cute Brittercup finish and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the PS finish, Lee. Please bring it along on Friday when you come (weather willing--yes a dog sled might be in order!!)...

    Will keep fingers, toes, and everything else (except eyes) crossed for Colleen and her job interview!!

  11. Great Finishes Lee! Love that ornie! Good luck to your DD on her interview!

  12. Very nice stitching! I'll say a prayer for your daughter.

  13. I love your ornament finish. I hear you about the 5 x 5 size. So many come out that size on the recommended fabric that I've switched to stitching on 40 ct. so that the ornaments are tiny, like I like them!
    I love your PS finish. Gorgeous! And your Moira Blackburn sampler...its gonna be a total stunner!

  14. Congrats on your finishes, Lee! I love your Moira sampler, especially the flowers on the border - very pretty!

    Good luck to your daughter on the job!

  15. I'm crossing my toes for your daughter! :)

  16. Fingers crossed for your daughter!!
    Gorgeous finishes!! I love the PS finish and the ornament is one on my to do list.
    I hope that you get a reprieve from the weather soon!

  17. Love the PS finish - arent' the fun?!

    Good luck to your daughter! Mine is an aspiring writer too.

  18. Beautiful stitches!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your daughter too.