Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh...the cuteness!

Finished!  She was a really cute baby, right?  I loved those pink OshKosh overalls.


  1. Adorable little angel....
    Love the stitched did a nice job of combining designs....

  2. C is cute - then and now. We too loved the pink OshKosh.

    The path you made at the bottom of your piece is so perfect for C.

  3. Cuteness, indeed--gotta love those Oshkoshes--my boys lived in them when they were toddlers :) Really love the colors you used, Lee, and I know Colleen will, too...

  4. Oh she is so cute. Also love the cross stitch piece.

  5. Beautiful! I love how your piece turned out.

    Love the pink oshkosh overalls too. My youngest DD just posted a pic of her and her sister when they were toddlers in their pink oshkosh overalls and her caption was "back when we were cute in our pink oshkoshes".