Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine Mash Up

Ryan told me to tell you that he's glad you had a great Valentine's Day, even if it meant cracking a few jokes at his expense.  Our Ryan is nothing if not a good sport.

Each year I stitch a small Valentine for my daughter, (who is probably too old for this sort of thing now, but I don't care because I like doing it!) This year, the emphasis was on small.  And when I say Valentine, I actually mean post-Valentine, because even after stitching for 30 years, you would think that I would realize that small doesn't always mean fast.  So it's still not finished, but I may have to give it to her before I'm able to take another photo, and'll get the idea from this picture.

I put this together by mashing up a few designs, starting with L'Atelier Perdu, where I found the phrase and the lettering for this little piece.  Natalie has some really adorable designs over there, and this one had been on my mind for a while.  But I didn't want to stitch the little girl on the left from the original design.  I wanted something more heart-y, so I switched her out and added a bit of a freebie heart tree from a Hungarian blog, called Sub Rosa.  And finally, I took out the original flower on the right of the design and added a thistle from a Blackbird Designs chart, the Thistle House Sewing Box.

You can see that I still have some stitching to do, like finishing the top border and I need some kind of something towards the bottom to balance the lettering...(Clear as mud, huh?)

Anyways, Colleen will probably like it, but she'll probably like the cash I tuck into the back of it more.  Oh..thanks everyone for your good thoughts for her as she interviews for jobs.  She hasn't heard anything one way or the other yet.

My friends in Ohio and West Virginia might be interested in reading the outdoor magazine she just published for her Senior Independent Study.  It's the kind of writing she really wants to pursue, and now that the magazine is hot off the press, she's hoping it'll be a nice addition to her resume.

It's a tough job market out there, but I'm sure something good will happen for her.  Still...I wouldn't be normal if I wasn't worrying.


  1. I like the design you came up with. Good choices.

  2. That's a lovely design you've created for your daughter. I love the saying on it and I can hear a Mother's Love coming through loud and strong on your post.

    I am the same way "worrying" though "not supposed to be worrying" about my son too. *sigh*

    Good luck to Colleen on her job search.

  3. I often think about doing a Mash Up, but rarely do. Yours is really nice. How about a row of tiny hearts at the bottom - like the top 'bud' of the flower?

  4. Very pretty design, I am sure your daughter will love it! I am laughing because I also forgot that small doesn't mean fast! I just worked on a small Valentine unfortunately only finished a couple days AFTER the holiday :-) Have a great day!

  5. Very pretty! Great job on it.

  6. Cute combination. I am sure she will appreciate all of it. CJ in OK

  7. Love the magazine! Of course we are quite familiar with Rody and the Knob! Can't wait to read all of it. Oh yeah, love your little stitched gift too! So adorable.

  8. Your daughter is never to old to recieve one of your special Valentine's. I am sure that they are treasures to her. Keeping my fingers crossed for her job situaton.

  9. Love the little Valentine piece and the changes you made all work together great.

    Wanted to say I adore your Scottish Love Sampler too...I've added it to my shopping list - the border is wonderful!

  10. Such beautiful colors. It's going to be just gorgeous! Happy belated Valentine's Day to you and yours.

  11. You're never too old for a little love from mom, Lee, and this piece is so sweet. I know Colleen will look back on all the things you've created her through the years and be truly thankful that you've stitched for her... I do love the way you've taken bits and pieces of those pretty designs and melded them together so perfectly!

    What a great magazine--I'm so impressed!! I"m sure with her talent something will come up when she graduates :)