Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hey, this dusty ol' thing looks familiar!

Well now, wait.  Let's grab a dustcloth and wipe it off.  Is it what I think it is?

Why yes!  It's my blog!

I can't say why, but after almost 10 years of (reasonably) regular writing and general clowning around here, 5 months ago I just couldn't put two sentences together for this blog.  And to tell the truth, I'm struggling right now.

An awful lot has happened since March.  I'll give you the rundown in a list (even after my daughter has complained about the way lists are over-used and are dumbing down the writing profession)

  1. I've added yet another bookkeeping job to my bundle of part-time jobs.  I'm working for a local charitable foundation.  It's in their office, two days a week but it's a very intense two days - working with fund accounting is pretty freakin' hard and for the first couple months I was going crazy.  It's better now.
  2. Almost in the next minute after I accepted that job, I was asked to add more hours to the auto body shop job, so I went from a measly 4 hours a week to 16.  It's less bookkeeping and more clerical, but it means I had to know more about the day-to-day work of the shop and sheesh... it's really complicated!  I'm still finding my way on that one.
  3. So I'm still working from my home office for my husband Dave and for the HOA, but not nearly as much.  
  4. And when you're not working from home and working on a computer in someone else's office, for some strange reason they actually expect you to be working on their stuff and not doing your own thing and blogging.  And you can't make them go away and leave you alone by threatening to withhold sex unless they quit bugging you to do your work.  (Poor Dave - I'm a terrible employee.  I'm a good wife.  Terrible employee.)
  5. We added a new college graduate to the family and we're super proud of her.  Then she moved back home ...sort of...If your definition of moving home is dropping the cat off with your parents and taking a bunch stuff to a house your boyfriend shares with crazy whitewater raft guides and spending the summer there.  But whatever.
  6. And I get terribly distracted by that darn cat.  When he curls up in my lap, it's like I'm hypnotized.  I literally can't move.
And there are other things, too, but they won't fit nicely into a list.  So we'll talk about those things another time.

But how about some stitching to show you?  Because even though I haven't been writing, I have been stitching.  And stash shopping.  And enjoying my stitching friends near and far.

I think we left off here, while I was working on this as a gift for my younger sister, who lost her husband to cancer earlier this year.  I worked like a maniac to have it ready for her visit when she came for graduation in May.  I think she liked it, although I'm not sure.  Nevertheless, I liked it.  It was a pleasure to stitch.

Designed by The Sunflower Seed, on PTP fabric with Valdani silks

This was a finish from last year - finally framed this year.  
LHN Simple Joys
My sweet friend Julie sent me this adorable chart along with its GAST threads, fabric and a button for my birthday this year.  It was a perfect project to chase away the grey winter and a very dreary April this year.  I even had the perfect pompom rickrack in my stash of finishing supplies already.  

Spectacular Spring, by The Sunflower Seed

And this was another quick little kit, sent by my friend Judy to welcome the summer holidays.  It's a great design, but Judy's fabric choice really made it perfect.  It's a PTP fabric called Heroic.

And I still have my Moira Blackburn anniversary sampler in the works, among other things.  Because you all know how it is....the stitching bag is always full of SOMETHING.

Uh.  A bit of housekeeping now that we've lost Google Reader:
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Or use Feedly.  That's what I use.

And now I'll finish this up and get outta here. I have more to say, so hopefully I'll be back before another five months pass by.

Till then...


  1. Maybe it's because I'm NOT in the writing profession, I LOVE lists! After reading yours, I don't feel dumbed down at all!

    Congratulations on your finishes! The piece for your sister is very thoughtful.

    I'm using Feedly too....tried blog lovin but didn't like how it was difficult to comment on some blogs.

    Dare I say, Welcome Back?!

  2. I love lists! I use them all the time. Beautiful finishes.

    Totally understand about the jobs and working--I have a similar situation.

  3. Great to see an update. You sound really busy but you have managed some beautiful stitching :)

  4. Welcome back, Lee. I know well what it's like to "be away from the blog!"
    Your stitching is wonderful and it's a comfort to have when everything else seems to be out of control and busy.

    Looking forward to having you back in blogland :)

  5. It's good to see you back in the blogging world, I hope you find your "voice" again as I always enjoyed reading your posts.

  6. Welcome back, Lee! Hope life calms down for you a bit as you learn your new jobs. Love the LHN and spring pieces!

  7. Doesn't it just suck when that work thing gets in the way of life? happy stitching...

  8. Great update! I love lists and I don't think they dumb down writing! What lovely pieces of stitching you shared!

    Robin in Virginia

  9. So nice to be updated. I think your gift to your sister was lovely.

  10. Welcome back! Graet to hear from you again. I love lists and your stitching looks great. Work...I know exactly what you mean (as I am supposed to be working now, but reading blogs instead...)

  11. It's always great to see a post from you, Lee! Lovely to see your stitching. I hope work will become more manageable and that you can find some balance again (to come back to blogging).

  12. I'm glad to hear from you again. I've missed you. I understand about the infrequent blogging..I've been guilty of that as well.

  13. We've missed you! Glad to see you back again!

  14. I was ready to beetle down to the burgh and find out just what was going on! Glad to see your blog has popped up to the top of blogging peeps I have met!

    I love the piece for your sister. Who designed the little patriotic one, I need a third piece for my independence group now that I'm one of you all, lol!

  15. Luckily, Pam had filled me in on your new job or I would have been really worried about you, Lee! It's so good to see an update from you!

    Beautiful stitching and that piece for your sister is so special. I'm so sorry to hear about her husband--he must have been quite young...

    A cat--you have a cat now! I need a photo please :)

  16. Welcome back, Lee. Goodness, you have been busy! I hope you continue to find time to blog.

  17. Lots going on and you still managed to have some great finishes. Good luck with all the things you are juggling!

  18. No wonder that you didn't feel like posting on your blog with all the things and events going on in your life. But now you're back, so welcome back! And you even bring some pictures of stitched pieces. Great pieces indeed.

  19. I'm a lister, too, though not much of a writer. Blogging has really slipped down in my list of things to do. The piece you stitched for your sister is beautiful, and thoughtful. Your other pieces are nice as well.

  20. Glad you've picked up your blog, Lee. Wish I had the gumption to pick up mine. Welcome back.