Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recently Dave decided that I needed a break from my obsessive Weeks Dye Works skein-measuring, so he hitched up the trailer and decided we would take a vacation. And by the way, I'll talk more about that in a post later on. So our first stop was in a beautiful West Virginia state park/resort called Stonewall Resort.  The campsites were beautiful.

We spent a wonderful evening having dinner in their spectacular lodge and then paddling around the lake in a canoe.  And then after a quick breakfast, we hit the road for the next leg of our trip - Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Most of my stash shopping friends know that Rock Hill is home to a nice stitching shop, called The Stitch and Frame Shop - it was made kind of famous by one of the Net's most prolific stitchers, BeckyBee.  So you know that I've been panting to go there each time we pass the Rock Hill exit on our way to UGA or Myrtle Beach. And since I married the most patient and wonderful man on earth, we planed a campsite just minutes away from the Shop and then he negotiated the camper through horrendous rush hour traffic in Charlotte NC just to get me there.

That Dave....he's a keeper.

So we camped in a neat little York Township municipal park right on Lake Wylie, called Ebenezer Park.
We had a terrific site with a lovely view of the lake, and nothing could beat sitting on a bench at the edge of the water and watching the sunset.

Well...except the prospect of stash shopping the next morning.  And I'll tell you about that in my next post.


  1. Oh, Lee--is that your silver camper?! I love it--how cool would that be to travel around like that... Sounds like a great road trip and I'm really glad Dave has broken you of your horrid WDW skein measuring obsession :)

  2. Too funny! I hope you didn't go through skein-measuring withdrawl! Looks like a great trip and how much fun to visit a famous LNS.. they are getting rarer and rare.

  3. Your camp site looks beautiful! I'm sure it was cooler being close to the water.

  4. Looks like a great trip, Lee.
    Here's hoping that you came home with full bags from Stitch and Frame thanks to your dear Dave maneuvering thru SC!
    Your skein measuring story was funny but TRUE

  5. How wonderful to get away! I think it's great Dave is such a sweetie! Have fun!

  6. What a great trip. Lovely camping and stash! Charlotte traffic is so bad :(

  7. Stonewall Resort is very beautiful.I live about 20 miles from there and I have a girlfriend that works there as a Chef..Glad you enjoyed West Virginia..I consider it a Natural Beauty..

  8. Wow - that's some trailer! It looks like a wonderful vacation home in a bubble.

    Your Dave - he's s keeper alright! Camping & Stash Shopping all aligned perfectly!

  9. Looks like a heavenly trip. Can't wait to hear about your stash shopping.