Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stitch and Frame Shop in Rock Hill

I woke up on the second day of our vacation with just one thing on my mind. Well...two things. Breakfast and visiting The Stitch and Frame Shop.

Just a quick word about breakfast - We ate in a really small restaurant in Rock Hill called The Yolk. We found it through Yelp. It's strictly a breakfast and lunch place, but by its name you can guess its specialty is breakfast (I'd post a link but something's wrong with their website).  I had the best egg white omelet I've ever eaten in my life, (healthy, right?) full of savory fresh herbs, accompanied by creamy and delicious cheese grits (totally unhealthy) (but fabulous).

Dave and I absolutely love Yelp.  We've found some amazing restaurants with just a tap of the finger.

Anyways, then I rolled myself out of that chair and into the car to go around the block to this lovely little shop!

In terms of square footage, it's not a very big shop.  Significant space is devoted to a framing counter, but you may have guessed that from its name.
So beautiful.  What a masterpiece.

And the framed models around the shop really showcased their framing skills.  The walls were covered with gorgeous examples of needlework.  Every single square inch!

So much to look at....some of these would take me a lifetime.

Something for everyone.  Whatever your stitching inclination is, there is a stitched model you'll want to look at more closely.

For you Mill Hill kit enthusiasts:

Look at this very well organized fabric room.  Every color and count under the sun. And more beautiful shop models.

And the thread room. It was a fairly extensive collection. You can definitely find almost everything you'd need. I don't mean to sound blase...Maybe I'm a little spoiled by the amazing selection at Beehive Needlearts in Pittsburgh.

The shop clerks were nice - pleasant enough with their greeting while busy helping a shopper who was new to using beads.  But I really didn't need any help.  I was on a mission for JBW's Reindeer alphabet and it was easy to find.  But when I actually held it in my hand, I discovered that I liked last year's Christmas Tree alphabet more.
The colors are actually much prettier than in this photo.  

Dave came back to pick me up (he had visited a local hobby shop with a big outdoor race track), and we headed back to the park, hitched up the trailer and hit the road for the beach!  Where I've stitched a little...


  1. Hey, Lee. That's my LNS and I almost always find a new piece that I haven't seen before!

    Continue to enjoy your vacation! Where are you going to the beach?

  2. OMG - I die! What an awesome place. (Note to self - badger husband to take a road trip) BTW, the stitched lighthouse above the door? We have that in our house as well. Jeff stitched it and we had it framed with a similar frame and mat. Is it hanging up? No. But it is done!

    And I love, love love yelp. We've found a lot of great places using it.

  3. I would have a blast in that shop, Lee seeing and probably buying the tempting "must haves."

    Thanks for sharing the great pics. I hope you got your heart's desire of stitching treats and enjoyed the remaining days of your vacation.

  4. Lovely shop. Oh the fabric! I could do some real damage in that shop LOL

  5. It's so much fun going new places! Is that Madonna cross-stitched?

  6. Thanks for the tour. I love visiting shops when on vacation. I enjoy the models on the walls too. I went to the one in Las Vegas a couple years ago. Stitching Bits and Bobs is just over an hour from me and it has an awesome thread display. I can't imagine there is a thread that they don't carry!

  7. OMG, this is just awesome. And makes me drool over the computer, lol. I think I could spend days in this shop without getting bored for a single minute. I wish I'd have a shop within reach with just a third of what Stitch And Frame offer.

  8. Woohoo Stash! I love the fact that you can find great local places with your smart phone! It has made travel so much more fun! No chain restaurants for me!

  9. Looks like they've managed to get a lot of great stuff into a small area. I think other shops could take a lesson from the way they organize their fabrics--what a great set-up!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip, Lee :)