Thursday, November 14, 2013

Additional pages? looks like if I update a page within this blog, it doesn't go through to blog newsreader like Bloglovin or Feedly?  So you don't know about it.  Does anyone have any advice about this?

But in the meantime, I'll use this space to tell you when I update my second page.  Which I did today, so go here.

And them come back, because if you used to like my Prom Gown fails, you'll really enjoy reading this:


  1. I know. I'm always having to make clunky references to Mme. Muriel and the ornaments pages. :-(

  2. What a neat idea! :)
    I'll make sure I check the page every time I read a post of yours.

  3. Someday I may actually watch the Miss Universe pageant! Thanks, Lee!!