Saturday, November 02, 2013

Don't be hatin'

Hello and welcome to Lee's World of Outdated Ghetto Language!

And I couldn't come up with a better title.

But I don't want you to be jealous (and all hatin' on me)  because I'm going to tell you that I am just back from another one of those wonderful weekends that I spend in Erie with  four other delightful stitching friends.  Love those ladies!

This was one of our best weekends yet.  The B&B was better than ever, all charmingly decorated for Halloween.  The weather was....reasonable.  (I mean---it IS November and it IS Erie).  The innkeeper always wows us with spectacular three course breakfasts.  Seriously, breakfast is an event.  And this year she also wanted to cook dinner for us one of the evenings and it was spectacular.

Girls...imagine stitching all day in a cozy inn, then meandering into a beautifully set dining room lit by candlelight and being served a gourmet meal.  Yes.  It was that good!

So anyway, besides all the stitching and eating, we laughed a lot and talked a lot and as a result I'm going to try to write here more often.  They've talked me into it.

But in order for me to continue to write, I have to warn self-edit button may need to be switched off.  I think that's why I've had such writer's block for the past year or more.  I started to worry too much about sounding silly or stupid or giving you too much information.  So I began to write...nothing.

So maybe I'll put floss on my head again.  Or maybe I'll tell you about the body parts I see on TV sometimes.  Or maybe I'll tell you about my theories on life in general.  Kind of a Lee On...Whatever.  (LOL).

We'll just see where this goes.


  1. The World According to Lee! I look forward to it.

  2. It really was a fun weekend, Lee--I can't remember when I've laughed so hard! LOL!! Now, to work off all those giant breakfasts and Halloween candy... Your posts, edited or not, are always a delight :)

  3. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  4. I'm glad you had a good stitching weekend, Lee.
    It's always fun to read your blog. I'm looking forward to reading more of "Lee's world" :)

  5. I love your stitching friends for talking you into blogging more! You are one of my favorites.

  6. Please please keep on posting frequently! I know what you mean about posting. It is sometime scarier not know if your posts will be met with the meaning intended. It is one thing to be followed by anonymous stitchers from everywhere but when members of stitching groups I belong to started to tell me they follow me! Yikes! I felt like I have to dial it back. Posting is my way of a diary I never kept growing up. I love reading your posts - especially your Ok Girl from Ryan Gosling! I now only laugh at some of your stuff but I identify with it. Love the London Fog hair color and the body parts memory posts!

  7. I don't edit on my blog heck I don't even proof read for spelling errors which accour alot :) I like it that way and look forward to reading your un edited blog posts :D

  8. So glad you all had a wonderful time! I love Erie, having gone to college there. Yay on just letting your posts happen!

  9. Your weekend sounds wonderful. Yes, I've missed your posts. I don't blog as often as I should, probably for some of the reasons you stated. But, I'm glad to hear from you again. I often worry I'm boring people with too much daily events... but then, they don't have to read it I guess.